What is the role of the GP National Recruitment Office (GPNRO)?

The GPNRO was set up by the Committee of General Practice Education Directors (COGPED) in November 2002 and is the administrative body responsible for co-ordinating the nationally agreed and quality assured process for recruitment to GP Specialty Training Programmes in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

One of their main roles is to help the Local Education Training Boards (LETBs)/deaneries deliver a standard and robust recruitment and selection process that is reliable, valid and fair.  

GPNRO Website Link


How many schemes should I choose?

In order to maximise your chances of gaining a training rotation in HESW, we would recommend preferencing 5 or more training rotations from the 9 available. However, you should only preference rotations where you would be willing to relocate or travel to. Preferencing fewer than 5 rotations may restrict your chances of training in HESW.


What happens if I am not appointed to my highest preferenced scheme?

Appointments to training rotations in HESW are competitive, and largely based upon the candidates’ performance in the selection process. The most popular schemes are likely to be heavily oversubscribed. For this reason it is important that you select and preference as many schemes as possible, remembering that it is assumed by us, that you will be willing to work in any of the schemes you preference. Remember most candidates do not, in fact, gain a place in their highest preferenced scheme and for this reason we ask you to rank all of the schemes that you would be prepared to train in.


Can I be sent to part of HESW I don’t want to go to?

No. We will only appoint you to a training scheme that you have preferenced. Please do not preference any scheme that you would not be prepared to move or commute to.


What if I want to do the Global Health Placement?

Applicants must apply for Global Health Fellowship posts via  Oriel via the GPNRO; simultaneously, applicants must also  submit a separate national clinical ST1 application via the GPNRO.

The Global Health Fellowship opportunity is not available to trainees who currently hold a GP NTN.


What if I want to work less than full time (LTFT)?

Please note this on your GPNRO application form. We will ask you to complete a local LTFT application form if your application is successful


What if I have geographical constraints, or want to be with a partner?

A small minority of candidates may have personal or family reasons that mean they need to train in a particular location, regardless of their score in the selection process.

In order to protect those with the greatest need, we have strict criteria that needs to be met before we will consider a geographical preference due to need.

Facilitated Swaps / linking of applications is not facilitated. However, in the instance of married or co-habiting couples both applying to a GP Training Programme, who find themselves offered to a separate LETB/Deanery, consideration will be given to reallocating the couple after the offers process has concluded in order to maintain a fair and equitable recruitment process. Any request for such consideration must be submitted in writing to GP NRO after initial offers are released, by all parties; evidence will be required to substantiate your claim (e.g. marriage certificate).

For further information please see the GP applicant guide in the GPNRO Website, in the Resource Bank section.


Who should I contact for further information?

Depending on your query, it may be most appropriate to contact the GPNRO. If your question cannot be answered by the GPNRO then they will forward it on to us, and we will then respond to you.

Further information can be found on the resource page of the GPNRO website


Can I change rotations within HESW or move to other parts of the UK?

When accepting an appointment to train within one of HESW’s Primary Care Schools (Severn /Peninsula), you are making a commitment to complete your training within that School.

However, there are rare unforeseen circumstances where a trainee may need to move – locally, regionally or nationally, and HESW will support applications for this where appropriate, and feasible.


What if I want to be an academic trainee?

Further information regarding Academic training can be found on our website.

There is a separate application form for becoming an academic trainee. 

Applications are made via Oriel. Please be mindful that when applying for ACF training you must also make an application in the National ST1 process for General Practice. 


If I apply for an academic rotation can I also apply for less than full time (LTFT) training?

Yes. You would need to apply for LTFT training and receive approval for the funding via the Medical Education Centre.


As a LTFT applicant, are you at any disadvantage in terms of getting a place to train in the deanery or selection of rotations once you get a place?

We do not discriminate on any grounds.


If I gain a place at stage 3 assessment will I be given a choice of dates, or will I be allocated to one of the days?

If successful in stage two, you will be invited to book the venue and date of the assessment centre you wish to attend.

Bookings are on a first come first serve basis. The later you book your venue, the less chance you have in getting your desired date and venue.

For further guidance please read the Recruitment Applicant Guidance, in the resource bank of the GPNRO website.


Can I choose which Selection Centre to attend?

If successful in stage two, you will be invited to book the venue and date of the assessment centre you wish to attend.

Bookings are on a first come first serve basis. The later you book your venue, the less chance you have in getting your desired date and venue.

For further guidance please read the Recruitment Applicant Guidance, in the resource bank of the GPNRO website.


When are the Selection Centres taking place?

HESW Selection Centre will take place at The Holiday Inn Taunton M5, Jct 25 on Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th and Friday 10th February 2017.


Do I apply to GP training if I want to do Broad-based training (BBT)?

The Broad Based Training National Recruitment Office regret to inform you that a decision has been taken by the HEE executive to cease recruitment to Broad Based Training with immediate effect.


What are the available rotations?

This link will guide you the geographical locations for GP training in HESW. 

Please be advised that posts are indicative and subject to change.


Will I be pay protected?

Pay protection maybe appropiate for applicants who are currently in ST3+ training posts, the lead employer has confirmed that during employer checks they will request a current payslip and further down the process will request a transfer of details via ESR from your current employer, therefore you point on the salary scale and increment date should be transferred over.


What if I want to apply for ATCF?

Consideration for ATCF must be noted on the application form, at submission stage

Further guidance can be found on the RCGP website as well as our websites.


What if I have been released/removed or I have relinquished my training number from a training programme?

The GPNRO has set up a guidance in the Applicant Guide, which can be found on their website

 The support for reapplication form, which will be required for submission can be found here



Subject to approval of derogation (exemption) to the Gold Guide, applicants to GP training will be able to defer for non-statutory reasons. Applicants who wish to defer will need to highlight this in their application and will be required to undertake the full selection process. Successful applicants will be able to defer for 12 months and will be able to “bank” their allocated preference. Applicants will only be able to defer for the following August and must give three months’ notice on their intention to return.