The five-day Prospective Educational Supervisor Course (PESC) 

In order to become an Educational Supervisor/GP Trainer you need to attend a 5-day Prospective Educational Supervisor Course (PESC).

These are held about twice a year and are a requirement to apply to become an educational supervisor. They are five days long; the first two are residential followed by three further single non-residential days with two weeks between each one. There are usually about 18 to 24 participants.

The format is a mixture of small and large group work. Most of the time is spent in a small group of about six participants. The small groups are led by experienced facilitators. The work is mostly experiential and will equip you well to start on your journey as a GP Educational Supervisor. You will discover about your own learning style and also some adult education theory.

You will be asked to bring a DVD of some of your own consultations and also one teaching session that you have conducted. You will have lots of opportunities to teach your peers and get useful feedback in a structured way from your peers. On one of the days GPSTs and F2s will bring DVD consultations, ethical and management problems to be taught by you.

You will spend time learning about the MRCGP exam from experienced examiners and recent successful candidates. Afterwards, you will be required to complete an assignment based upon what you have learnt on the course.

These are held at Eastwood Park, Falfield, Gloucestershire.  The cost of the course is £750 which will be refunded by the Deanery as the first CPD payment once the applicant has been approved as an ES. However in the event of non-attendance, this sum will be not be refunded. A new deposit will be required to book onto another course.

Approved Educational Supervisor 

Once you have completed the Prospective Educational Supervisor course you need to apply to become an Approved Educational Supervisor.

Supervisor Criteria and Approval Form OR Re-approval Form These forms state the criteria and standards that you will need to achieve. It is also the application form: as well as asking for demographic information, it asks you for evidence that you meet each criterion. Please note there are now separate forms for approvals and re-approvals.

Application and Re-application Form for practices wishing to host supervised doctors  If your practice isn't already a Training Practice, it will need to apply to be approved as one. This form states the criteria and standards that your practice will need to achieve. It is also the application form: as well as asking for demographic information, it asks for evidence that the practice meets each criterion.

Here is further information to help at this stage 

Approval visits   

A small team of educators (typically the local APD or TPD, as well as a Educational Supervisor and a GP ST, sometimes also a lay member) will see a Potential Educational Supervisor and her/his practice to discuss the application. They are visited every 3-6 years as part of our QA process. Applicants who are in an existing training practice may be seen at the local Postgraduate Medical Centre.

The visiting team will also wish to meet as many as possible of the partners and employed GPs, as well as the practice manager. The visitors may also ask to tour the building to find out about the practice's teaching environment from nurses and members of staff.

The visitors will focus on the Prospective Educational Supervisor's educational skills. Part of this process is to look at a DVD of the PES teaching, for example a practice nurse or a GP F2, ST2 or ST3. The potential supervisor should provide a log of the teaching DVD, and should be prepared to show any part the DVD that visitors wish to look at. It is useful if the log is mapped against the Teaching Competencies.

The team will also wish to discuss the PES's development needs. Visits typically last three to four hours.

Guidance for GPSTs and Lay Members attending Supervisor/Trainer & Practice Approval and Re-approval Visits

What else should you do? 

As a Prospective GP Educational Supervisor, we advise you to engage with your local trainer group for further support. Please see the following websites for more information, depending on where you practice is based:

If you would like to arrange an informal chat with the Associate Postgraduate Dean for your area, please contact the appropriate Administrator: