Sharing and celebrating the achievements of GP Trainees in Severn

The School of Primary Care and the Severn Faculty RCGP were delighted to host this joint event on 25th July to celebrate the achievements of all the GP trainees who have completed their training this year. We were joined by our guest speakers Dr Clare Gerada, Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and Professor Mike Grocott who spoke about his research and the Xtreme Everest project.

We were pleased to see so many trainees and their guests, educators, Deanery and Faculty colleagues at the event, and anticipate that this will continue to be an annual celebration in the School of Primary Care and Severn Faculty calendar. We would also like to thank all the sponsors for their support in both funding the prizes and supporting the event.

All trainees were commended for successfully attaining MRCGP and completing GP training in Severn this year, and welcomed to the Severn Faculty RCGP at the Michael Lennard Reception. In addition, trainees who had been shortlisted for the Excellence Awards each gave a short presentation about their many and varied activities. The range and quality of their activities was certainly impressive. The winners of the Robin While prize, Excellence Awards and Patch Awards were announced and presented with their prizes.

Congratulations to you all!


Excellence Awards

The Robin While Prize for Severn Deanery GP Trainee of the Year

Sponsored and presented by Dr Robin While, Chairman of the School Board

Dr Nicola Hempton


 GP Online Coverage


Academic/ Research Excellence Award

Sponsored by Avon LMC, presented by Karen Houseman

Dr Sarah Street




Clinical Excellence Award

Sponsored by Wesleyan Medical Sickness, presented by Lee Seviour

Dr Nicola Hempton



Education Excellence Award

Sponsored by the Medical Protection Society, presented by John Tiernan

Dr Joanna Clark



Green Practice Excellence Award

Sponsored and presented by Dr Tim Ballard, RCGP Sustainability Lead

Dr Annie Elkins  



Leadership Excellence Award

Sponsored by Frome Medical Practice, presented by Dr Tina Merry

Dr Simon Bulley



Medical Work outside GP Training Excellence Award

Sponsored by Severn Faculty RCGP, presented by Dr Jill Wilson

Dr Claire Perks



Personal Achievement outside of Medicine Excellence Award

Sponsored by Swindon Trainers’ Group, presented by Dr Nick Yerbury

Dr Richard Bache




Other Awards

OOPE Award for best application for OOPE year Sponsored by Oxford University Press

Dr Ernesto Jones


Patch Awards

In addition the winners of the Patch Awards were also announced and presented with their prizes.

Individual Trainee Patch Award

The winners were voted for and selected by the trainees in each Patch. The prizes were all sponsored by the University of Bath and presented by Tim Bilham.





Dr Tom While

University of Bath


Dr Fong Lim

University of Bath


Dr Simon Bulley

University of Bath


Dr Jo Clark

University of Bath


Dr Nadine Johnson

University of Bath











Patch Small Group Awards

The winning group in each Patch was selected by the local Educator team.





Dr Alice Gardner
Dr Hannah Midwinter
Dr James Harrop
Dr Jessica Jones
Dr Katherine Mills
Dr Kathryn Newton
Dr Omnia Maarouf
Dr Rachel Pagnamenta
Dr Timothy Hogg
Dr Tom While
Dr Harry Gray
Dr James Gordon
Dr Laurence Heywood
Dr Paul Gittins
Dr Samantha Gooding
Dr Sarah Street
Dr Simon Guest
Dr Simon Mathieson

Presented by Dr Becca Duffy


Dr Penny Quieros
Dr Trina Leskiw
Dr Ruth Marsh
Dr Anita Narshi
Dr Nicola Hempton
Dr Samuel Davies
Dr Simon Benson
Dr Karen Mott
Dr Catherine Bailey
Dr Simon Benson

Sponsored by Bristol Trainers’ Group,

presented by Dr Andrew Appleton


Dr Simon Bulley
Dr Emma Masters
Dr Kerrin Masterman
Dr Rebecca Nicholson
Dr Jo Parker
Dr Nick Roach

Sponsored by Gloucestershire Trainers’ Group,

presented by Dr Bill Foster


 Dr Haider Alathari
Dr Sally Ash
Dr Richard Bache
Dr Tim Norbury
Dr Olufunke George
Dr Katherine Govier
Dr Anurag Joshi
Dr Alexander Kaise
Dr Andrew Moss
Dr Kathleen Speller
Dr Tim Wright

Sponsored by Somerset Trainers’ Group,

presented by Dr Sue Neville


Dr Nadine Johnson
Dr Mike Jones
Dr Kate Kindler
Dr Rich Eastwood
Dr Clive Smith
Dr James Urquhart
Dr Helen Williams
Dr Nina Abel
Dr Lou Whyte

 Presented by Dr Mary Valentine