GP Trainee Excellence Awards

Nominating a GP Trainee for an Excellence Award

All ST3/4s completing training in the current August-August training year to include trainees completing prior to 1st November 2016 are eligible for consideration for an Award. If the date for completion of training falls after 1st November 2016, the trainee will be considered for the following year’s Awards.

Trainees, Clinical and Education Supervisors, TPDs and APDs, University of Bristol academic staff and lay colleagues should all have the opportunity to nominate one or more trainee(s). Self-nominations will also be accepted. The nomination form (Appendix 1) requires the nominator to select the award category/ies, and provide some information to support the nomination. The nomination form does not contribute to the shortlisting scores but will help to ensure that the trainee has been nominated for the most appropriate award(s). A trainee can be considered for a maximum of three award categories.  All nomination forms must be submitted to Pauline Harper by Friday 17th June 2016.

Written Submissions

When a nomination is received, the trainee will be invited to complete the Written Submission Form (Appendix 2).  The completed written submission must be sent to Pauline Harper by no later than midday on Friday 24th June 2016.

Trainee Shortlisting

A Panel, comprising GP Educationalists, Severn PGME, Severn Faculty RCGP, MDU, Trainee and lay representatives, will look for evidence of “above and beyond” and score the written submissions to shortlist trainees.

Details of the descriptors and scoring for each of the selection criteria are provided in Appendix 3. We strongly encourage trainees to write something in as many sections of the Written Submission Form as possible and to focus on the scoring criteria and descriptors, to ensure that they score as highly as possible. Scores for each of these criteria will be weighted differently, depending on the award category. If a trainee has received nominations for more than one award category, their application will be scored for each. Only activities / work undertaken between the start of GP ST1 and the end of GP ST3/4 will be considered by the Panel so do not include information about anything else.

Shortlisted trainees will be informed in early July, and will be invited to give a short presentation about their activities at the MDU GP Trainee Excellence Awards Event and Michael Lennard Reception.

Final Selection of Award Winners

Shortlisted trainees will be invited to give a 5 minute presentation summarising their activities at the MDU GP Trainee Excellence Awards & Graduation Ceremony in July. This presentation should focus on the main highlights and interesting activities that the trainee has undertaken. Trainees are advised to primarily focus their presentation on the ST1s and Foundation Doctors in the audience, to ensure that they are aware of the many and varied opportunities available during GP training in Severn.  If exceptional circumstances mean that a shortlisted trainee is not able to attend and present at the Awards event, the School will aim to support preparation of a pre-recorded/filmed presentation to be shown on the day.

Details of how the presentations are scored are provided in Appendix 4.

The panel will use the written submissions, shortlisting scores and presentation scores to agree the winners of the Excellence awards and the Robin While Prize. The panel will aim to recognise the full range of talent amongst the trainees, but may deem that one or more Awards are not awardable in a given year. All shortlisted trainees will receive an Achievements certificate and shortlisted candidates who do not win an Excellence Award will receive a runner up prize of £50.

The Robin While Prize for the Severn GP Trainee of the Year (£500)

The Robin While Prize (£500) will be awarded to the “Severn GP Trainee of the Year”. This may be awarded to a winner of one of the Excellence Awards, or to a trainee attaining a single remarkable achievement or excellence across a breadth of activities. For a winner of a GPST Programme Trainee Award to be eligible for consideration for the Robin While Prize, they must produce a written submission and deliver a 5 minute presentation about their activities, as outlined for the Excellence Awards.

Final selection and announcement of winners will take place at the MDU GP Trainee Excellence Awards and Graduation on Wednesday 20th July 2016. All ‘graduating’ ST3/4s will be presented with a certificate to mark successful completion of the MRCGP and welcome them as members of the Severn Faculty RCGP.

The MDU GP Trainee Awards and Graduation Ceremony, Wednesday 20th July 2016

The MDU GP Trainee Excellence Awards and Graduation Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 20th July 2016, starting at 2pm. The event closes with an early evening BBQ.
Venue: The Bristol Pavilion - Gloucestershire Rugby Club.  The dress code is smart.

Final selection and announcement of Award winners will take place at this event. All ‘graduating’ ST3/4s will be presented with a certificate to mark successful completion of the MRCGP and welcome them as members of the Severn Faculty RCGP. This year's guest speaker is Dr Phil Hammond who is a well known broadcaster, campaigner, journalist, comedian and campaigner. It promises to be an entertaining and stimulating Michael Lennard Lecture.

This is a joint Severn PGME School of Primary Care and Severn Faculty RCGP event, sponsored by the MDU. All colleagues are warmly invited and the event forms the last day of the GPST programme so all ST3/4 GP trainees are expected to attend, as are the GPST1s.  As part of promoting General Practice as a career, Foundation doctors are also invited to attend to hear about all the opportunities available as part of GP training in Severn, and to meet current and completing GPSTs.

Do come and celebrate all that is best about GP training in Severn at what promises to be an inspiring and interesting event. Please ensure you book your place at the event by completing this very short online booking proforma.


  • Nominations must be submitted by Friday 17th June 2016
  • Nominated trainees must submit their written applications by midday on Friday 24th June 2016
  • Shortlisted trainees will be informed in early July and will be invited to present at the MDU GP Trainee Excellence Awards and Michael Lennard Reception on Wednesday 20th July 2016