GP Specialty Registrars – Frequently Asked Questions Factsheet 

Welcome to Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (GHNHSFT). Our Trust has become the host employer for all GP Specialty Registrars (GP StR 1,2 & 3) through Health Education South West (HESW), Severn Postgraduate Medical Education and will remain so until the end of your ST3 year of training. My name is Richard Giles, Medical Staffing Manager, and will become your lead contact for day to day employment queries, along with Jenny Harris, Medical Staffing Assistant, for recruitment issues.

On the following pages you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive regarding employment with us. We will both be pleased to help you regarding any matters or queries that you may have; therefore please contact either me on or Jenny on


When do I get paid and which pay scale am I on?

Our Trusts payday is on the last working day of each month, the only exception to this is if that falls on a weekend or bank holiday, when it is paid on the previous banking day (Monday to Friday).

The attached document below provides the basic rates of pay per annum for a Specialty Registrar (pay scale code MN37). All Specialty Registrars will start at the minimum (min) point of scale and progress annually one increment point each year. If you can provide specific evidence of previous experience as a Specialty Registrar or equivalent overseas work, we may be able to authorise a starting salary on a higher increment point.


Where will my payslip be sent?

Your payslip will be sent by post to your home address in the week you get paid, please ensure that if you move address you inform us immediately.

How will you know which tax code to put me on?

Upon receipt of your P45 from your previous employer, ensure that you send parts 2 and 3 to us as soon as possible thereafter, retaining part 1a for your records. Alternatively we will require you to complete the HMRC Starter Checklist and return this to us before your first pay day. It is important that you return these forms otherwise you may pay more tax than necessary.

Where can I find out about my pay and conditions?
You will receive a contract of employment on commencement with our Trust and further information about terms and conditions can be found on the NHS Employers website.

How will my student loan be deducted from my salary?
We will make student loan deductions if any of the following apply:

  • you provide us with a P45 stating that student loans deductions need to continue
  • you  tell us that you are repaying a student loan on the HMRC Starter Checklist
  • HMRC sends us a Start Notice form SL1 because you are now eligible to start repaying your student loan

If you have a query about your student loan, you should contact the Student Loans Company.

Can I get help with childcare?

As an employee of our trust you are eligible, subject to criteria, to apply for childcare vouchers through our scheme with Kiddivouchers.

Do you offer the option to purchase a bicycle through a cycle to work scheme?

As an employee of our trust you are eligible, subject to criteria, to purchase a bicycle through our cycle to work scheme. The two schemes we offer are through Halfords or independent cycle shops within your area. Further details and how to apply are provided on the links below.


Where can I find more information about the NHS Pension?

Further information can be found in the NHS Pension Scheme Guide which was provided to you with your Conditional Offer of Employment letter or on the NHS Pensions website - please click here

I have a NHS Pension Added Years and/or Additional Pension contract that I have taken up in a previous post, who do I inform?  

It is your responsibility to inform us that you have an Added Years and/or Additional Pension contract. Please ensure this information is provided on the NHS Pension New Employee Questionnaire form provided with your Offer of Employment letter.

Relocation & Travel Expenses

Can I claim removal expenses on taking up my GP training post and to whom do I apply?

To see if you are eligible to claim expenses, please open the attached relocation guidance which provides full details on this subject:

Relocation Guidance

The guiding principle behind the provision of financial assistance for the purposes of relocation is that a GP Specialty Registrar should not be financially disadvantaged by reasonable costs incurred through a move in the interests of the service, or to further their training.  However, GP Specialty Registrars are not expected to profit materially from reimbursements in respect of this financial assistance.

These guidelines are not necessarily intended to cover fully the costs of relocating to a new area but to provide reasonable financial assistance and are at the discretion of our Trust. You must obtain written confirmation from us of eligibility to claim financial assistance towards relocation to the new area prior to taking up appointment and making any claim.

Claims for expenses in connection with the removal of effects must be made within three months of the incurring authorised expenditure.

How do I claim for travel expenses and what can I claim?    

As your employer, you will need to make any travel claims through us on the attached Travel & Expenses Claim form below. Mileage rates for claiming are also shown in the attached Mileage Allowance sheet below and are based on standard rates against your car engine size (see section 3).

Travel and Expenses Claim Form

Mileage Allowance

The claim form requires your signature and either your Clinical/Educational Supervisor or Practice Manager while in General Practice, to certify the claim and then forwarded to us by either emailing them to Richard Giles or sent to the address below for payment to be made in you next available pay.

Richard Giles
Medical Staffing Manager
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
1st Floor, Sandford Education Centre
Keynsham Road
GL53 7PX

No mileage allowance shall be payable to a GP Registrar for their normal daily journey between their home and their hospital or practice premises, except that a mileage allowance shall be payable for one return journey on any day between their home and the hospital or practice premises, based on either the distance travelled (return journey) or capped at 10 miles each way (20 miles maximum return) whichever is the lesser, when they subsequently use their car for a patient home visit on that day.

Each days travel claim should be shown on two lines 1) home to base (hospital or practice) return mileage, and 2) Base to home visit return mileage which should show the postcode of the home visit in the journey details.

If you were to undertake any local mandatory training/induction at a different location away from your base hospital or practice, you can claim for this mileage at the public transport rate (see section 1 in the attached Mileage Allowance sheet) for the miles from your base.

If you are required to attend a non-residential on-call (i.e. called in from home) then you are able to claim the full return mileage of that trip from your home to base (not restricted to the 20 mile rule) whether based in a hospital or General Practice.

Mileage is not claimable when attending your normal GP teaching day

When should I claim travel?

This should be done monthly, but within three months of the expenditure. Please ensure all claims are made within the respective financial year.

I live a long way from my hospital or practice. Is there any way I can claim for the journey from home?
GP Registrars cannot claim for normal daily travel to and from work, except on a day when the car is used for an official hospital or practice journey such as a home visit, when you can claim the distance travelled (return journey) or capped at 20 miles (return journey).  This is in addition to the mileage you can claim for undertaking the visit. 

Excess mileage can be claimed in lieu of removal expenses in agreement with us, if you are an owner occupier and the excess travel between your home and current base compared to home and new base is greater than 40 miles. Further information on this can be found in the attached Relocation Guidance document (section 11) in the earlier section.

Can I claim travel to the OOH sessions?
No. OOH cannot be claimed

Annual Leave

How much annual leave do I get?

GP Specialty Registrars are entitled to annual leave based on their position on the NHS Pay Scale. It is not based upon their training grade or post position within a three year programme. Some trainees may have prior experience and completed a number of years in training at Specialty grade before commencing in the GP Programme.

Each year of the GP Training Programme will be designated by the title of ST1, ST2 and

ST3. The pay grade is, however, based on years of work after their Foundation programme. In the first year (ST1), after completing a Foundation Programme, the Trainee is paid at the StR 00 (minimum) pay point on the pay scale. For each subsequent year thereafter while in employment as an ST doctor or trainee, they will progress annually up the pay scale one increment point each time to StR 01 in their second year, StR 02 in their third year and StR 03 in a fourth year.

If, for example, a trainee has, undertaken two years in medical training ST posts prior to commencing in a GP Programme they will, by the time they are in their ST3 year, be at the

StR 04 point on the pay scale.

Where this becomes important is in NHS regulations which state that ST Trainees on the:

  • StR 00 to StR02 pay point on the pay scale are entitled to 25 days leave and those
    on the
  • StR 03 point of the pay scale or higher are entitled to 30 days leave.

It is, therefore, important to determine the pay point to calculate leave allowances.

Differences between Hospital placements and General Practice placements

All GP Specialty Registrars are entitled to either 25 days or 30 days holiday leave (as described above based on the point of the pay scale) plus the 8 days of annual bank holidays.

Doctors in hospital placements are entitled to 25 or 30 days leave plus 8 bank holidays and 2 statutory additional days leave.

GP ST1, ST2 and ST3 trainees while in General Practice placements do not have the 2 additional statutory days leave; therefore, the GP trainee in a practice placement will have ultimately 2 days less leave than when they are in their hospital post regardless of their pay grade or position.

During a ST year when it is part hospital and part General Practice placement, the additional 2 statutory additional days will be pro rata during that annual leave year i.e. 6 months hospital and 6 months General Practice will only mean 1 statutory additional days leave.

If you currently work or apply to work Less Than Full Time (LTFT), your leave will be pro rata of a full time equivalent entitlement

I am an ST3 trainee. Do I get extra holiday?
Not usually - see above.

I am working Less Than Full Time at 60% and work on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, can you confirm if I should have holidays for bank holidays? 

You are entitled to a pro rata Bank Holiday entitlement based on the standard eight days which can be taken at another time.

Study Leave & Expenses

How do I apply for study leave and/or expenses?

All matters to do with study leave are administered by Health Education South West. Further information can be found on their website – please click here

Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave

What are my entitlements for Maternity, Paternity or Adoption Leave?

The policy below and linked attachments provide further information. It is important that in all cases you notify your GP Programme Administrator and Richard Giles by email with the GP Change Form*

*The GP Change Form can be found later in section headed ‘General - Who do I notify of any changes in my circumstances?’

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave

Sickness Absence & Emergency Leave

What should I do if I am off sick?

If you are sick and unable to attend work it is imperative that you personally make contact immediately on the first day of absence with:

When in a Hospital Post:

  • HR contact at hospital placement in line with local procedures
  • Rota Manager at hospital placement & Clinical Supervisor
  • GP Programme Administrator and Richard Giles by email with the GP Change Form*

When in General Practice:

  • Practice Manager in line with local procedures
  • Educational Supervisor
  • GP Programme Administrator and Richard Giles by email with the GP Change Form*

*The GP Change Form can be found later in section headed ‘General - Who do I notify of any changes in my circumstances?’

Failure to notify the required people may have a serious consequence on your training and employment/pay records.

In addition to the above, if the absence is greater than 3 calendar days, a self-certification form will be required – please click here for a copy, or a medical certificate will be required for absences over 7 calendar days. It is important that medical certificates are provided in a timely manner, failure to provide regular medical certificates to cover periods of absence may result in sick pay being withheld. Both of the above should be sent to Richard Giles

What if I have an emergency at home?

This covers unforeseen domestic emergencies that require the immediate attendance of the employee (GP Specialty Registrar), and may include emergencies with dependants (spouse, child or parent), or for domestic emergencies such as fire or robbery in the employee’s own home.

  • Employees can only take one day’s leave for each emergency situation, and emergency leave may be granted up to twice in any one leave year
  • Leave is granted to enable the employee to attend to the emergency and put in any necessary ongoing arrangements such as alternative care

Depending on the circumstances and any frequency of requests for emergency leave, we may consider other options in addition/instead of granting paid leave, these may include unpaid leave, use of annual leave or TOIL, change of shift pattern.

I am stuck abroad due to a plane strike what should I do?

Contact your employer immediately and make plans to return to the UK as soon as practical. You will be required to use up annual leave, or take unpaid leave.  

Absence From Training And Additional Training Requirements

I have been absent due to sickness, jury service or through maternity and paternity leave. Do I need to make the time up?

The RCGP will allow time off from the training programme for sickness absence, jury service, maternity leave or paternity leave, or carer's leave in accordance with the contractual arrangements with the current employer. However, the total, aggregated allowance for sickness absence, jury service and or maternity/paternity leave must not exceed one week in any post, up to a maximum of two weeks in a twelve month training period, and six weeks over the three-year training period.

Any sickness and/or jury service and/or maternity/paternity leave and/or carer's leave taken in excess of this must be made up in full, but not necessarily in the speciality or post where the absence occurred.

Trainees should confirm with the RCGP and their deanery that their plans to make up lost time will mean that their programme of training conforms, on completion, with regulatory requirements.

It is RCGP and GMC guidance that training periods of less than three months in duration will not normally count towards a CCT. However, in cases where a GP in training has to make up time lost through sickness, jury service and/or maternity/paternity leave; the College may be able to request that GMC accept training periods of less than three months towards a CCT as long as a full three year training programme is completed. The final decision regarding this lies with GMC.

Medical Indemnity

Where do I find more information on Medical Indemnity?

All matters to do with Medical Indemnity are administered by Health Education South West. Further information can be found on their website – please click here

National Performers List

What is the Performers List, how does it affect me and what do I have to do to get on the list?

Medical, dental and ophthalmic performers may not perform NHS primary care services in England unless they are included in a national performers list held by NHS England. It is a requirement of your General Practice placement to be registered on the list; therefore upon commencement of employment with our trust you will be sent an application by email to complete and return to the local area team of NHS England. It is imperative that you follow the instructions provided and return the completed application to them immediately. Failure to register yourself will mean you cannot commence your General Practice placement, this will not only affect your training but also potentially affect you pay as you will be unable to fulfil the duties of your contract of employment.

Further information about the National Performers List and to confirm your entry onto the list can be found on their website – please click here   

General Questions

What other conditions of training and employment do I need to be aware of?

Trainees must remain GMC registered with a current licence to practise at all times while holding a current Severn GP NTN number.  This is a HESW School policy, and a requirement in the Gold Guide. Voluntary erasure from the register would compromise right to a CCT. The ‘Gold Guide - A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK’ can be found in the attachment below.

Gold Guide

Who do I notify of any changes in my personal circumstances i.e. address, working hours etc.?

You will need to complete a GPST Change Form attached below. This form is to be used to communicate ANY change which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Sickness Absence
  • Change of address
  • Changing email address or phone
  • Changing supervisor
  • Changing placement
  • Changing from full time training to less than full time, or vice versa
  • Taking time out of programme
  • Going on maternity or paternity leave

It is essential we hear from you if any changes take place that may affect your training.  If we don’t hear from you it could affect your training record or create possible pay issues.

GPST Charge Form

Who are my GP Programme Administrators?

Each programme is supported by a Programme Administrator and can be contacted at:


Programme Administrator




Paula Cain

01225 824894


Mandy Price

0117 323 8598


Hilary Carter

0300 422 3037


Penny Bridges

01935 384670


Siobhan Timms

01793 604424



Information and documents attached to this Factsheet were correct as at May 2014 and therefore may be subject to change and will supersede that given here.