Workshop notes

The issues of trainer approval and reapproval and current challenges were shared. We all face the main problems of:-

  • The number of training practices versus the capacity of the deaneries to quality control in the traditional way (three yearly visits). Various approaches are being taken to this – including longer reapproval intervals, ceasing to visit and assessing with submitted information and using a kind of central panel system centrally to “interview” trainers.
  • Defining the quality standards and balancing the summative need for quality versus the formative need for trainer development. There was discussion around how this balance was difficult but mostly attempted to be maintained. East Midlands offered the concept of separating the formative, faculty development approach from the summative – thereby encouraging localities to facilitate trainer development continually and deriving supporting information for a reapproval process that becomes more summative.
  • Effective administrative support. The scale of the problem of trainer approval and reapproval means that an administrative process that is efficient and effective needs to be supported.
  • Calibration of approach by assessors. The visiting or assessing teams need to agree an approach that means the process is standardised and robust. Calibration exercises or discussions at deanery level are therefore important to consider.