School Board Constitution and Minutes

Educational Supervisors (Trainers) and Clinical Supervisors Re-approvals

In selecting Educational Supervisors (Trainers), Clinical Supervisors and training practices, the Severn School of Primary Care School Board approves only practices that demonstrate a high standard of clinical care, provide education of high quality and can offer suitable clinical experience to Trainees and other doctors in training.

In order to maintain this high standard, Educational Supervisors, Clinical Supervisors and training practices are re-approved on a regular basis.

The Re-approval spreadsheet is the current list of approvals for GP Educational Supervisors (Trainers) and Clinical Supervisors in the Severn Deanery compiled on 31 July 2013. This information is designed to provide accurate information to all Educational and Clinical Supervisors who wish to view their approval status.  This spreadsheet is sorted by Surname in alphabetical order. It is worth clarifying at this point, that all Educational Supervisors are automatically approved as Clinical Supervisors. For clarity, however, this table shows these individuals as Educational Supervisors only.  It may be that the initial re-approval date has been extended. If this is the case then a later date will be provided in the Ext date column. All extensions to approval will have been discussed and approved by the School Board.

This spreadsheet will be updated after each School Board Meeting to reflect the decisions made. School Board meetings are usually held during January, April, July and October each year. If you have any questions with regard to the approval information provided below, please contact Jackie Pullin, GP Co-ordinator.