RCGP Certificate in the Detection, Diagnosis and Management of Hepatitis B and C in Primary Care

Category: GP - Other

Date: September 15th 2014

Location: 30 Euston Square, London


The RCGP Substance Misuse & Associated Health Unit (SMAH) are holding a RCGP Certificate in the Detection, Diagnosis & Management of Hepatitis B & C in Primary Care face-to-face training course on Monday 15 September at their headquarters, 30 Euston Square, London. 

This certificate was created to support healthcare professionals who want to become more confident in assessing and managing patients with Hepatitis B and C.

This evidence-based course:

  • equips you with the knowledge and skills to match the competency framework in Delivering Quality Care for Drug and Alcohol Users: the Roles and Competencies of Doctors
  • supports GPs, community healthcare, drug workers and HIV service providers in integrating hepatitis B and C prevention, care and treatment to their work
  • promotes improvement of clinical outcomes and the reduction of morbidity and mortality due to hepatitis B and C infection by incorporating the recommendations in national guidance
  • promotes practice that increases identification of people at risk of hepatitis B and C
  • improves competency in the management of patients with hepatitis B and C infection
  • develops skills to support health behaviour change and enhances patient safety including medicines management
  • encourages quality clinical leadership
  • ultimately encourages patients to keep themselves well, saving vital funds within health budgets.

This certificate is comprised  of a  Hepatitis eLearning Module and the face-to-face training day (emodule free of charge*).

This certificate is aimed largely at generalist clinicians such as GPs and nurses already working in primary care but also provides useful information for others including commissioners, public health practitioners, community-based practitioners, pharmacists and service users and HIV service providers. 

Register now or for further details please contact the SMAH Unit Programme Co-ordinator Laura Baker at Hepbandc@rcgp.org.uk or 0203 188 7653