The Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Society Meeting

Category: GP - Other

Date: January 8th 2014

Location: Engineers' House, Clifton, Bristol

“Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids”. What are the medical implications of the new, privatised space race?

Professor Paul Goddard, Professor of Radiology, author, novelist and musician

‘The Space Race is heating up again and this time it is not a two horse derby. Many nations are now involved including the USA, Russia, Europe, China, India and perhaps North Korea. In addition several commercial organisations have successfully launched rockets into space. Recently two different commercial groups have said that they are going to send people to Mars by the early 2020s.

Professor Goddard has had an interest in astrobiology since meeting Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and having discussions with Fred Hoyle in the 1990s. Do these new participants in the Space Race present particular challenges to medicine and are there any specific medical hazards of a trip to Mars? Would the radiation burden from cosmic rays preclude manned flight to the red planet? Would it be better to continue with robotic missions until our understanding of space travel is more advanced? These questions will be addressed and the possibility that life originated in the cosmos will be posed.’

Reception 6.30 pm, Supper 7.15 pm, Lecture 8.15 pm

(Attendance free for lecture. CPD, CME 1 hour)

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Members and non-members £20, Students – for this meeting first 20  students to apply can have a free meal

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