Health Education South West participates in all rounds of recruitment for General Practice. 

We are pleased to submit vacancies in the following areas across the South West during Round 2 2021 recruitment, for commencement of training in February 2022.

Please be aware that post numbers and rotation details are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.


Programme ST1
Bath 0
Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire 0
Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (TERS) 0
Cornwall 2
Cornwall (TERS) 0
Exeter and East Devon 6
Exeter and East Devon (TERS) 0
Gloucestershire  3
Gloucestershire (TERS) 0
North Devon (TERS)  1
Peninsula (see description)  0
Plymouth (TERS)  5
Severn (see description)  1
Somerset  1
Somerset (TERS)  0
Swindon  4
Swindon (TERS)  0
Torbay  1
Torbay (TERS)  0



If you submit a successful ATCF application, you will be able to omit six months of rotations. The posts omitted will be one of those AFTER your first ARCP which is held at 6 months. It will usually be the last post in ST2, unless this is GP, in which case it will be earlier posts in ST2. Please bear this in mind when considering your rotation choices as rotations cannot be changed at a later date without statutory reasons.  

Please note if you apply for LTFT and it is approved, your rotation may need to change in order to accommodate a different pattern of working.

How to Apply and Recruitment Timeline

Applications should be made via Oriel.

Below is the confirmed timeline for recruitment to General Practice for February 2022 entry.



Advert Appears

14 July 2021

Applications open

27 July 2021 (10:00am UK Time)

Applications close

17 August 2021 (4:00pm UK Time)

Invitations to Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) Expected by

 No later than 26 August 2021

MSRA Window

3 - 10 September 2021

MSRA Results Expected by

23 September 2021

First Offers from

23 September 2021 (by 5:00pm UK Time)

Holding deadline

27 October 2021 (1:00pm UK Time)

Upgrading deadline 

29 October 2021 (4:00pm UK Time)

Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme (TERS)

The rotations with TERS next to the rotation number are TERS funded posts. Successful applicants appointed to these posts will be entitled to a financial  incentive in the form of a £20,000 salary supplement once they have taken up their post. This scheme is open to GP trainees committed to working for three years.

Please note, it is not possible to defer entry if you are being offered a TERS post, unless the deferment is for statutory reasons e.g. maternity leave.

Further information about the TERS scheme further information can be found here: BMAGPNRONHS England

If you have any questions regarding TERS posts please send them to


Non-statutory deferral

Successful applicants appointed to England, Scotland or Wales recruitment can no longer apply to defer entry to GP training on non-statutory grounds; non-statutory deferment has never been permitted in Northern Ireland.

Statutory deferral

Candidates who defer their start date due to statutory reasons will be guaranteed a place on the training programme originally offered. 

Transferring Recruitment Scores

With the introduction of new functionality in Oriel, successful applicants to GP Training from August 2021 onwards who may not wish for whatever reason to take up the offer of a training place in the current recruitment round will be able to transfer their final recruitment score from one recruitment round to another recruitment round. This option will only be valid within a 12-month recruitment cycle and is conditional upon the recruitment and selection process being unchanged in subsequent recruitment rounds. For further information about transferring recruitment scores, please refer to the separate guidance which is available from the GPNRO Website