The re-approval process for clinical supervisors is now the same as that for educational supervisors.  Details are at: Being re-approved as an Educational Supervisor (Trainer)

In summary, the re-approval process is as follows:

  • An annual report submitted by the ES/CS. 
  • A peer review visit every six years.
  • A formal re-approval visit every six years. Note that the peer review and re-approval visits will alternate, so every ES/CS will have one or the other every three years.

In addition, new Supervisors are visited at one to two years after their first accreditation. The purpose of this visit is to review progress during the first year and to offer support. Whilst the CS will still need to show a DVD of a tutorial, these initial reviews tend to be less formal than those for established CS.

Each Clinical Supervisor has to attend a one day Experienced Clinical Supervisor Course every 3 years. These courses are free and held at the Severn Deanery.  Leading up to the course we will ask that you submit evidence of competence in equality and diversity matters. This is a requirement of the Gold Guide:"individuals must receive training in equality, diversity and human rights legislation which is kept up to date (refreshed at least every three years)...Such training can be undertaken through a range of training modalities e.g. facilitated programmes, on-line learning programmes"

The next Experienced Clinical Supervisors Courses are

  • Wednesday, 21 May 2014
  • Wednesday, 19 November 2014

ECSC application form 

Contact Jackie Pullin for further information.

Clinical Supervisors are also required to spend at least 4 other additional sessions every 3 years in professionally developing their educational role. The deanery encourages Clinical Supervisors to join local trainer workshops.