The Information for Training Practices pages were developed with Practice Managers for Practice Managers and Trainers, to provide useful information in a central place, and to support practices in carrying out essential HR functions. If you have any questions that is not answered by these pages, please contact the GP Education Manager so we can add more information to help you and your colleagues.

Overview of the Trainee Pathway

Medical School

  • 5 years
  • Through university
  • Placements in hospitals

Foundation School

  • 2 years run through
  • F2 placements often in GP, trainee employed by Trust

GP School: ST1

  • Competitive Entry 8 months before start
  • ST1 Generally hospital

GP School: ST2

  • Run through from ST1
  • 6 months GP (usually first time in GP)
  • 6 months hospital

GP School: ST3

  • Run through from ST2
  • GP Practice 12 months


  • Trainee completes training and is awarded CCT upon qualification
  • Trainee eligible to Practice

Qualified GPs: Ongoing Support

  • Retainer Scheme
  • Induction and Refresher Scheme
  • Advanced Training Scheme
  • CPD and Appraisal

Changes to a Trainee Pathway

Your practice may take on trainees in special training programmes or specific posts which alter a typical trainee pathway. These include:

  • Military Posts

Military trainees may rotate into a civilian practice in order to broaden their experience. They remain a military trainee during the placement and use a military-based eportfolio. 

  • 4 Year Opportunities

Trainees who are successful in applying for an Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) or an Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) will undertake an additional year of training. There is also the Public Health and Leadership Scheme which includes an additional year of training.

  • Scholar Posts

The GP School has a series of Scholarship posts that allow GP trainees an additional month in ST3 in order to focus on a particular area such as Leadership, Education, Substance Misuse, or Sustainability.

  • Less than Full Time Training

Trainees are able to train less than full time if they apply to the Deanery to do so and are successful in their application. This will extend their trianing period to ensure they receive 3 years of "whole time equivalent" training.