We encourage you to explore Information for Training Practices as they are designed to take you through a trainee placement and provide you with useful information along the way.

Practice Placement Types

Training Practices may have Foundation Trainees, ST GP trainees, Retainer GPs, Returning GPs, GPs requiring additional support, or even student nurses. Each placement type reflects a different stage along the training pathway. Practices are also involved with educationally supervising trainees in other practices or hospital posts. Educational work of any type is usually funded. Please see our payments page for more information.

Keeping in Touch

If you are new to your Training Practice or your Practice is new to Training, or you would like to discuss a training related query with a colleague, please feel free to contact your GP Speciality Training Proramme, so we can put you in contact with a Practice Manager near you.

It is important the School is kept informed of any changes to the educational staff in your Practice. Please contact us us and inform us if one of your supervisors retire, resign, or moves practice, including dates of when this is to take place.

Educating your Trainee

As a Practice Manager, you have valuable knowledge you can share with your trainee to help them become better GPs. Many Practice Managers run tutorials for their trainees covering the following topic areas:

  • Understanding the role of a Practice Manager, and what a good relationship between PM and GP looks like,
  • How to manage Practice finances,
  • How to manage people,
  • How to manage Practice contracts, and meet QOF targets
  • More areas listed on the Swindon Programme Website
  • PM Tutorial courtesy of Practice Manager Jerry Steeden:
 Finance and Business Administration in a GP Surgery Objectives
  • To understand basic business structures of sole trader, partnership, LLP and Ltd Co and their different tax treatment
  • To understand basic Practice Administration and accounting requirements of a GP surgery
  • To know the basic structure of Primary Care organisations in the NHS
  • To know how Surgery premises can be funded
  • To understand financial statements of an nGMS practice
  • To be aware of Employment Law issues including disciplinary procedures.
Discussion Topics
  • Business structures – sole trader/partnership/LLP/Ltd Co Tax treatment
  • Practice Administration
    • Accounting records
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Balance Sheet Items - assets & liabilities, Tax provisions, Partners Current accounts
  • Primary care in the NHS
    • GMS & PMS
    • Sources of Income
      • Global sum
      • PCO Administered funds
      • Enhanced Services
      • Quality payments
      • Premises
      • IM & T
      • Dispensing
  • Surgery Premises
    • Improvement Grants
    • Owner occupier borrowing costs
    • Notional rent
    • Third party developers/PFI’s
  • Employment Law
    • Contracts
    • Disciplinary procedures
    • Grievance procedures
    • Discrimination
  • Performers List – for locums