The trainee is part of the team, help them feel that way by explaining how your team works, and where the trainee fits in. Introduce the trainee to the team, clarifying roles and responsibilities from the start. As they are now one of your staff, be sure to cover all areas of the induction you would provide for any other new member of the practice.

It is important to set expectations as you would with any other employee. Trainees will generally have come from a hospital environment where standard policies and procedures are in place, so trainees will be used to the working environment. They may be supernumery in funding, but this should not reflect how they are treated.

You may need to know historical information about your new trainee, if this is standard practice with your other new starters, then you are well placed to ask the same of your trainee. Going direct to their previous employer or their PCSA for this information is only possible with your trainee’s explicit consent. We strongly encourage you to modify and use this Trainee Induction Welcome Template or develop a version of your own prior to your trainee’s joining date to ensure you cover off everything a trainee needs to know.

Practice Managers are able to treat trainees as other employees by expecting trainees to apply for leave (annual, mat, study) in advance. This expectation can be established with the trainee at their induction with the practice. Trainees will usually have come from a trust post where they are not supernumery, so they should know how to apply for leave in advance.

As an education provider hosting trainees, you will need to ensure you have signed an SLA with the trainee's host employer, and you will need to ensure you meet the host employer's induction requirements

For more induction information, visit the trainee induction page, the Placement page for practice-specific information, or the Swindon website.