The process of training to be a GP is covered by the RCGP Curriculum for GP Specialty Training. All doctors intending to become GPs have to apply to enter a GP specialty training programme as GP Specialist Trainee (GPST).

  • The standard programme is for 3 years, of which 18 months is delivered from within general practice.  The remaining 18 months is spent in other settings ranging from acute trusts to community trusts, with a minimum of 3 other placements ranging from 4-6 months in duration.

  • We have various programmes through the Severn Region in both urban and rural areas.


The RCGP is responsible for maintaining and updating the content of the content of the GP curriculum.  GPSTs are expected to achieve competence within a list of 13 competency areas across a range of topic areas defined by curriculum statements. 

There is a self-assessment tool for trainees to use to identify learning needs from the curriculum.

  • To get the most out of hospital attachments, it is useful for GPSTs to discuss with their Educational Supervisor personal learning objectives for each post before starting.

  • The South East Scotland Super Condensed GP Curriculum guides contain rating scales and main learning goals for the 11 of the main hospital placements
  • The East of England Deanery has also produced a useful set of Curriculum Summaries that identify the top 10 desired learning outcomes within 16 different hospital specialties.


In order to demonstrate competence and fitness to be licensed as a GP, trainees have to pass the MRGP exam which consists of three separate assessments:

In 2020 there has been significant changes to WPBA and ePortolfio. The new trainee ePortfolio change will take place in August 2020. Please use the link below to view a slideshow explaining these changes with added audio narrative from Dr John Edwards (Assessment APD). 

Changes to WPBA and ePortfolio 2020

Trainee ePortfolio

  • The record of training, record of assessments, supervisor reviews and personal learning log are kept on a secure on-line facility - the Trainee ePortfolio

  • Each GPST has an educational supervisor who will support and monitor training over the course of the training programme.