Discuss when you will be taking your AKT and CSA exams with your educational supervisor and plan ahead with your study time and preparation including when attending the RCGP course. The Deanery fund your place on this course but do not guarantee a place so attendance is only by prior application now.  It is no good ringing a week before the course - it really does fill up quickly, so be organised and think ahead!

When should I sit the CSA exam?

The RCGP has chnaged to pattern of exam sittings as from 2014/2015. It is recommended that most Severn trainees take the CSA in the one of the Jan/February/March sittings. This is strongly recommended by the Deanery for the following reasons:

  • Hisotrically, the pass rate for the Feb/March sitting in Severn has been very high for first time takers which demonstrates that the large majority of trainees are well prepared to sit the exam at this stage
  • Each of the patches arranges their training schemes to ensure that trainees are at a high point of readiness to sit the exam in Jan/February/March
  • Should trainees be unfortunate enough to fail this sitting, then the Deanery has in place a high intensity and effective specialised CSA training course to take place before the May sitting. This will enable trainees to pass the exam at the second attempt and still gain their CCT by the end of normal training
  • As most trainees easily pass the exam in Jan/February/March, they then have the opportunity to focus their last 5 months of training on preparation of independent practice rather than being distracted by exams
  • If a trainee sits for the first time in May and then fails, an extension will be required. This will be for a maximum of 6 months and so will only allow one further resit at the exam (in November).

Should there be special reasons why a trainee and their ES consider that they should not sit the exam in January/February/March, then these should be clearly documented in the Educator Notes of the ePortofolio. Usually, such trainees would also be discussed with the GPST programme educator team who will also be involved in providing further assessment as to whether further educational or other sorts of support are necessary. 

Should a trainee sit and fail the exam for the first time in May, and not have had documented discussions with their ES about special circumstances, then this will be taken into account by the ARCP panel. They may then be given a reduced priority for the allocations of extensions to training and may have to go on to a waiting list.

Trainees who fail the CSA may apply to re-sit in a subsequent examination session up to a maximum of four attempts in total, but would need deanery approval for any attempt that is outside specialty training. Fees for re-sits are the same as for first assessments.

AKT Assessment Dates

CSA Assessment Dates

AKT and CSA Preparation Courses

  • These preparation courses are free to Severn Faculty trainees.  Full details and an application form can be found on the RCGP Severn Faculty website (scroll down to Faculty Events section) 

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