The Trainee ePortfolio (TeP) is the on-line tool for recording learning and progression of your training throughout your three years as a GPST.  All assessments will be recorded onto it and progression through training will be dependent on adequate information being present.


  • Following appointment to the GP training programme, GPSTs receive an email from the RCGP about becoming an Associate in Training (AiT). GPSTs need to register as an AiT to be able to use the eportfolio.  
  • New GPSTs should register on the TeP and start using it from the first month of their first job.
  • Clinical and educational supervisors should be automatically linked to each GPST by the deanery central office. If that has not happened please contact Severn GP School with the name and email address of the GPST and Supervisor.

The TeP can seem daunting and complicated, but the following are useful resources for GPSTs and Supervisors to support its use:

  • Code of Conduct for All Users: This Code of Conduct applies to all users of the RCGP Trainee ePortfolio – Trainees, Clinical and Educational Supervisors, Deanery Administrators and Assessment Leads, and ARCP Panel Members and Chairs. 
    • If you as a supervisor or trainee have any questions regarding the TeP, then first look at the FAQ section on the eportfolio website. If that does not work then contact the help desk on 0203 188 7655.  The RCGP is constantly making upgrades to the eportfolio. 

If you have any questions regarding the administration or training regarding the Trainee ePortfolio in Severn PGME then please contact John Edwards