Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) assesses whether a GPST is progressing in the 13 curriculum competencies. It is one of the three components of the MRCGP exam and successful completion is necessary in addition to the AKT - Applied Knowledge Test and the CSA - Clinical Skills Assessment. Adequate progression and achievement of the competencies is assessed at the ARCP panel.

This page links to documentation on the RCGP website together with specific local guidance from the School of Primary Care.

WPBA - Workplace Based Assessments

Details and requirements about all the assessments can be found on the RCGP website.

Note the following important points:
  • Assessors for WBPA assessments should be suitably senior - assessors and trainees are advised to ensure that they are familiar with these requirements on the RCGP website
  • Assessors for CBDs should be Post-CCT clinicians or trainees of ST4 level or above in the appropriate specialty who have received training in carrying out the assessment. Senior nurses may also be appropriate assessors for Mini-CEXs and CEPS
  • The minimum requirement for less than full time trainees is pro-rata to full timers
  • Trainees need to complete 2 separate MSFs in each of ST1 and ST3
  • If the minimum number of mandatory assessments are not completed by the time of the Educational Supervisor's review meeting, then the review should be marked as unsatisfactory and the local TPD/APD contacted which may trigger an early ARCP panel
  • WPBA assessment tools - FAQs

Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills (CEPS)

Progression of competence in CEPS is assessed every 6 months during the ESR. By the final ESR the ES will need to confirm that the GPST is competent in undertaking the following intimate examinations: breast, rectal, prostate, male and female genitalia

  • Assessment tools that refer to CEPS are the CEPS form, COT, Mini CEX, CSR and MSF. In addition the trainee is expected to refer to clinical encounters involving CEPS within their learning log.
  • In addition to formal assessment tools, Clinical Supervisors may use the following to make an assessment of CEPS: Joint surgeries, videos, referrals analysis, random case reviews, surgery debriefs and simulation stations
  • For more information refer to the CEPS training manual 

Educational and Clinical Supervision

Learning Log

Personal Development Plan

OOH and CPR/AED training

  • Out of Hours training is both a requirement of WPBA for satisfactory completion of training as well as a contractual requirement
  • Trainees are required to complete 36 hours pro rata during all posts within general practice - RCGP info
  • Record OOH sessions in the learning log. Trainees need to attach the supervisor's form to each entry. 
  • Document the running total of OOH sessions on the OOH spreadsheet which will be sent to trainees 6 weeks prior to their ARCP Panel
  • CPR and External Defribillator training needs to have been completed witihin 3 years of the CCT date and the certificate uploaded to the learning log (under certificates) - see RCGP info

Writing an Educational Supervisor's Review (ESR) guidance for trainees and supervisors

Guidance for less than full-time trainees (LTFTs)

(including advice about short posts)

Trainees in need of Support

WPBA Code of Conduct

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