Changes to Child and Adult Safeguarding Requirements for GP Training

Following the publication of national guidance regarding the training expected for all healthcare staff related to child and adult safeguarding, the RCGP and deanery requirements are changing.

The new requirements are consistent with the following guidance documents:

Safeguarding Children and Young People: Roles and Competencies for Healthcare Staff January 2019

Adult Safeguarding: Roles and Competencies for Health Care Staff August 2018


The key changes are as follows:

• All trainees at the beginning of their ST1 period must undertake training in both child and adult safeguarding. This non-participatory learning may be on-line or face to face training and must be documented in the ePortfolio.

• There needs to be further knowledge updates documented in the ePortfolio at the beginning of both the ST2 and ST3 years.

• There needs to be evidence of at least one piece of participatory learning documented in the portfolio for both child and adult safeguarding in each ST year.


Note that:

• Trainees will not be expected to document the number of hours undertaken doing participatory and non-participatory learning.

• All trainees will be expected to meet these new requirements by August 2020.

• Failure to provide evidence of meeting the requirements for each ST year may lead to an unsatisfactory ARCP panel outcome.

• The Educational supervisor will still need to confirm achievement of safeguarding level 3 competencies at the end of training.

• On line training is available via the RCGP safeguarding toolkits or e learning for health:

RCGP Toolkit
RCGP Adult Safegaurding Toolkit
E-Learning for Health


For further information see:

GP Training: Child and adult safeguarding

 The GP School recognise that there will be an interim period as these requirements are introduced. For trainees currently in post, the ARCP panel will be looking for compliance with the RCGP regulations in the previous 12 months to August 2020

John Edwards, Susanna Hill APDs for Assessment
November 2019