SOPC Sheet 3 Dec 2013

  1. Who are clinical supervisors?
    Clinical supervisors (CS) are trainers responsible for the day-to-day supervision and assessment of GPSTs. While in acute Trusts, they will normally be a hospital consultant.  During the 6 months in general practice in the ST1 or ST2 year it will be a GP supervisor. This will not necessarily be someone with full Educational Supervisor training. During the last 12 months in ST3 it will usually be the GP Educational Supervisor.

  2. What is the purpose of the CS review and report?
    The CSR constitutes very important evidence to feed into the 6 monthly ES review meetings,  in order to help the ES judge the progression of training, acquisition of competencies, and particularly to highlight areas where development is needed.

  3. What information should be used to inform the CSR?
    During the six-month general practice attachment, the GP supervisor is likely to personally perform most of the day-to-day supervision, as well as carry out the formal assessments (COTs, CBDs).  They will also look at the GPSTs shared learning log, make comments and, when appropriate, link (validate) entries.  We recognise that in secondary care, a hospital consultant may often delegate much of the day to day supervision to other team members, and may not personally carry out all the formal assessments.  If they wish, they can have log-in access to the GPSTs portfolio to view previous assessments or the learning log. 

  4. When should I complete a CSR?
    The CSR should be completed at the end of each post in ST1 or ST2, including after each 4-month attachment, ensuring that it is done by the time of the Educational Supervisor 6-monthly review.

  5. How do I actually complete a CSR?
    If the CS does not have log-in access to the e portfolio, then he/she can complete a CSR simply by being sent an assessment link request by the GPST. Otherwise, with log-in access, the CS should click Evidence on the left side picking list, click on CSR, and then click on the icon next to “fill one in”. Note that the CSR should always be discussed with the GPST at a face-to-face meeting, so that the feedback can be shared directly.

  6. How do I rate the trainee?
    The CS needs to rate the trainee against four “competency clusters” (Relationship / Diagnostics / Management / Professionalism).  Importantly, the CS is asked to grade a trainee against their peers at the same stage of training.  Note that for ST1 and ST2 trainees, it may usually be assumed that they all “need further development” (NFD) in each area. It is mandatory to enter free text in the “Comments/Concerns” box, which is particularly important for those competence areas with examples of observed behaviours where there are specific concerns, or if the CS feel unable to grade.

  7. Should GP ST3 trainees expect to have a CSR?
    GP Clinical Supervisors should also use these forms at the end of 6-month placements.  ST3 ESs may also find it helpful to complete a 6-monthly CSR to document observed evidence to feed into their ES reviews.