Updated November 2014

By working through this check list at least 2 weeks before your ESR meeting, you will find your supervision meeting much more productive   

Work place based assessments



Have the correct number of COTs/CBDs etc been done?


See www.rcgp.org.uk/gp-training-and-exams/mrcgp-workplace-based-assessment-wpba.aspx regarding the requirements

Have the MSFs enough respondents?


5 for each MSF in ST1 and 10 for each MSF in ST3

Have the MSFs and PSQ been released by the supervisor and commented on?


Unless the MSF/PSQ are released, they cannot be seen by the panel and will not be counted as evidence

Is there a CSR for each clinical attachment?


This includes each 4 month attachment and is required by the ARCP panel

Learning Log/Naturally Occurring Evidence



Are there the recommended numbers of entries?


For the Severn PGME recommendations see: www.primarycare.severndeanery.nhs.uk/assets/Primary-Care/Curriculum/Severn-Deanery-learning-log-recommendations-4.12.doc

Have all the entries been shared?


If not, then they cannot be viewed by your supervisor or the ARCP panel

Is learning demonstrated from clinical encounters?


The important sections are: what did I learn and what will I do differently?

Have log entries been linked to curriculum headings?


This is necessary to demonstrate curriculum coverage

Has your supervisor linked entries to competencies?


If not, then ask your ES (or CS if in GP practice) to do this before the review

Have you completed SEAs on any complaints or exam failures?



Is there demonstrable learning from SEAs?


SEAs should have been discussed with team members

Is there evidence of engagement in an audit/Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) suggesting improvement to personal/practice performance


This should occur at some time during training and involve the analysis, evaluation and discussion of data. Evidence must be present by the final ARCP

Personal Development Plan



Has the PDP been updated since the last ESR?


Learning objectives should be set after each ESR

Have ESR generated objectives been edited to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound)?


If your ES has sent objectives to the PDP from the last ESR, they need to have been made SMART (best to do this straight after the ESR meeting)

Have a reasonable number of learning objectives been achieved?


This may be dependent on the most recent attachment

Out of Hours Work



Have all the supervisor forms been uploaded to your eportfolio?


These need to be signed and scanned

 OOH Session Log Sheet

Has the OOH cumulative Record sheet been completed and uploaded to the learning log OOH section?


This is a new requirement as from 2015 and can be obtained here: OOHs-record-spreadsheet-for-eportfolio

Revalidation Requirements



Have you completed both Part A and Part B of the Form R, including the Scope of Practice section?


The Form R is here http://www.primarycare.severndeanery.nhs.uk/about-us/revalidation/documents-and-guidance

Has the Form R been uploaded and shared?


In the learning log in the Courses/Certificates section

Are all complaints detailed on the Form R?


If you have been named in a patient complaint or a formal investigation, enter this on the Form R. You should also reference the relevant log entry where you reflect on it.

Are revalidation comments by the ES referenced to a log entry that shows suitable reflection and learning?


If your ES notes any complaints/investigations then the relevant log entry needs to be referenced even if the complaint has been resolved.

Requirements for the ESR before your FINAL ARCP



Have the CPR/AED certificates been uploaded and the box ticked?


Upload under “courses/certificates”

Have all mandatory DOPs been completed?


This is still a requirement for all ST3s completing by 5/8/2015

Is there evidence of engagement in audit/QIA during training?


See learning log section, evidence is required in order to finish training

Is there coverage of all curriculum headings?  


There should be demonstrable learning in all areas during training

Is there evidence of Level 3 training and reflection for Child Safeguarding?


See learning log section, evidence is required in order to finish training.  The Level 3 learning can be done at any stage in training, but there should have been reflection on a safeguarding activity during the ST3 year. 

Have you identified learning needs for the 12 months after finishing training?


These should be entered in the “actions before next review” section in the self-rating section

Complete self rating of Training progress



Have you tagged and referred to up to three pieces of evidence per competency?


For more info, see: www.primarycare.severndeanery.nhs.uk/training/gp-curriculum-and-mrcgp/wpba/how-to-assess-curriculum-competencies/

Have you identified SMART “actions before next review” for each competency area?