Sheet 4 Dec 2013

  1. Why is it important to get the dates right on review reports?
    To satisfy training regulations, an Educational Supervisor (ES) review is required to take place every 6 months from the start date of training (including for less than full time [LTFT] trainees).  If the trainee is on long term sick or maternity leave an Out of programme “technical” review still needs to be done.  It is also required that the minimum number of mandatory assessments (COTs, CBDs etc) will have been done in each 6-month “review period”.  If the end date of the review period is entered wrongly (ie before the end of the six months), then any assessments which are completed after this date but before the actual end of the six months will not show up as having occurred in that six month period, and may lead to confusion about the correct number of required assessments within that review period. 

  2. What is the procedure for setting the review date?
    Only an ES or Deanery administrator can create a review form. Under the ES log in, click on Review Preparation and then "Add new Review" - DO NOT DO THIS if there is already a review created with an "Edit" icon next to it.  In this case, click Edit. Note the default End of Review Period date at the top of the ES report page. This automatically defaults to 6 months after the previous end of period date. You should still check that this date corresponds with the last date of the trainee’s current 6-month post. If they are currently in the middle of a 4-month post in January, then change the date to 31 January.  If they are LTFT and/or “out of synch” then adjust accordingly.  Sometimes a Gateway ARCP is requested for the transition between ST years.  In this case, the date should be set as the last day of the ST year.  When conducting the final ES review of training, the end of review period date should be the last day of training. 

  3. How do I enter the correct review period?
    In the report page, next to Type of Review, select which trainee year they are in (ST1, ST2 etc). The software then automatically names the review ST1(1) or ST1(2) etc, depending on how many reviews they have had while at that stage of training.  Then check that the correct post is shown. If there are any problems with this, you should contact Severn GP School.  It is worth checking first that the Trainee’s posts have been correctly listed with correct start and finish dates.

  4. Are there any other dates I need to enter?
    At the bottom of the final page of the ES report, you need to enter the dates between which the portfolio is actually being reviewed.  The first date being the last date of the previous review, and the second date being the date the review is taking place.

  5. When should I set up a new review form?
    It is recommended and helpful to create a blank review report form at the beginning of each 6-month period.  Enter in the correct dates and review period, and then save it (by clicking Save but not Submit at the bottom).  This allows the ES to add draft comments or references to portfolio evidence before the formal review.  It also allows the GPST to rate their competencies, and is necessary in order to release MSF and PSQ results to the trainee.  ESs are prompted to set this up as a routine after having finished the previous review.  Note that one needs to access this existing review by clicking on the "Edit" icon next to the top review.  Repeated clicking on “`add New Review” causes the problem of creating multiple forms that then need to be cancelled by the help desk.