Sheet 10 Dec 2013

  1. Why is this important?
    The GP Curriculum expects all GPSTs to develop the necessary skills and attitudes to be life-long self-directed learners – an attribute leading to safer and better doctors.  This incorporates the following components:

    Identify areas of your day to day work that highlight the need for personal learning and development

    Take full advantage of work-place learning opportunities and identify how they might impact on changing the way you do things
    Identify and formulate ways to prioritise and address your major learning and development needs through a PDP

    Identify how you prefer to learn (learning style), and work on increasing confidence and ability to learn from effective activities where you may initially feel less comfortable or confident

    Become a “well-rounded” reflective learner

  2. What is reflective learning?
    This basically describes the circular process of thinking about, and learning from, day to day activities.  It is often shown diagrammatically as below:

  3. So what is acceptable?
    The RCGP has produced the following guidance 

Not acceptable


Excellent  (in addition to Acceptable)

  • Descriptive lists of learning events

  • Scanned documents and certificates only

  • No reflection of learning and professional development

  • Limited range of evidence presented

  • Poorly populated learning log. Entries scant and descriptive

  • Uses a limited range of evidence gathering tools

  • Some reflection on learning and personal development

  • Some contextual application of knowledge and evidence but not well developed

  • Some reflection on feedback

  • Extensive range of log entries using a wide variety of discriminating tools as evidence of competence

  • Uses feedback to critically assess developmental needs

  • Critical reflection of significant and negative events eg develops PDP in response to reflection on complaints

  • Contextual application and critical appraisal of evidence to justify decisions and develop

4.  How will this impact on my assessments?
It will help your ES to validate log entries against curriculum competencies if reflective learning is demonstrated.  Persistent absence of reflective learning despite feedback may trigger a cause for concern to be raised by the supervisor in the development of Competency 10 - Word pictures (Learning and Teaching) (also known as WPBA Detailed Descriptors).  The ARCP panel will expect to see that the trainee has made regular reflective log entries spaced over the training year to give evidence of engagement in learning. The School of Primary Care has made recommendations as to the expected frequency of entries in a trainee who is progressing well.