Sheet 19 Dec 2013

1. What is the point of doing a CSR for my ST3?

During ST3, for most trainees, the GP Trainer fills the two distinct roles of both clinical supervisor and educational supervisor.  During ST1 and ST2, the CS undertakes day to day supervision and writes a structured report which might to a large part be based on personal observation of the trainee. This report is both useful to the trainee to cite in their personal self-assessment, as well as to the ES when compiling the ESR.  During the ST3 year, up to now, the GPST has not had the benefit of their CSs personal assessment when assessing their own progress. Also, the ES does not have the opportunity to use personal observation as evidence regarding progress, as the ESR should be written purely based on evidence from within the ePortfolio.

2. Surely writing a CSR would mean extra work for me as a supervisor?

This is not necessarily the case, as the CSR can be used by the GPST as one of their three pieces of evidence for most of the competency areas, and can also be cited by the ES as evidence, meaning that there is less need to search for alternative evidence. There will also not be the temptation to write narrative in the ESR competency assessments, as that can be entered in the CSR.

3. But doesn't a CSR provide low quality evidence towards progression of training?

A CSR report can still be objective. High quality reports cite examples of observed behaviours to back up the judgements

4. I write frequently in the Educator Notes - do I still need to do a CSR in addition?

If your entries in the Educator notes are detailed, then a CSR may not give additional information, but it does still have the advantage of being a structured summary report

5. Are you saying that it is now mandatory for ESs to do CSRs for their ST3 trainees?

No it is not mandatory, but it may be found helpful in certain situations: 

  • If you are concerned that the trainee is not progressing in certain areas and you wish to give personal feedback regarding progress that may not be adequately represented by the portfolio evidence - this may sometimes be the case with professionalism or teamwork issues
  • You wish to provide supportive narrative about certain areas that are not well represented by portfolio evidence
  • There is a general lack of high quality portfolio evidence

In many cases, the eportfolio evidence is more than ample to support progress without the ES needing to give a personal account of observed progress - in these cases, an additional CSR would not be necessary