Sheet 13 April 2013

  1. How often do I need Educational Supervisor reviews and ARCPs if I am part time?
    ES reviews need to be held every 6 months from the start of training, with an ARCP every 12 months no matter how part-time (normally referred to as: less than full time – LTFT).  In addition, an ESR followed by a “gateway” ARCP is also required to authorise transition between ST years.

  2. Do I need to do the same number of assessments per 6 months as full timers?
    This is no longer the case.  As from 8/3/12, the minimum number of expected mandatory assessments (Cots/CBDs/Mini-Cexs) is pro-rata to a full time trainee - RCGP website  Similarly, we do not expect the same rate of entry of learning log entries.  If LTFT, you also need to do the same total number of PSQs and MSFs as a full timer over the duration of your training.

  3. How do I work out the date of my ES reviews and ARCPs if I have been on maternity or sick leave?
    When on maternity leave or sick leave, in effect the “clock stops” regarding ARCP reviews.  The date of your next ARCP panel would therefore be 12 months after the previous one (or 12 months from the first day of GPTR training) plus the length of your maternity or sick leave. In general, it is a good idea to have an ESR just before you go on maternity leave if you haven’t had one in the previous 3 months, and then have one either 6 months after you return, or 2 weeks before the next ARCP panel, as appropriate.

  4. Who should I inform if I am going on maternity leave or on long term sick leave?
    As well as informing your employers about your leave, for the purposes of your training and WPBA, you need to inform the deanery as soon as you know the date that you are due to go on leave, and also the date that you plan to plan to return.  This information will then be added to your eportfolio.  Although your ES is not required to do 6 monthly reviews when you are on leave, it is helpful if they document every 6 months while you are still on leave by completing an ES review form annotated “out of post”.  Alternatively, the GP Support manager can also do this.

  5. What happens if an ARCP panel is due in a month when the panel does not sit?
    ARCP panels are usually held every month apart from August, and you will be given six weeks notice of the date of yours - ARCP dates

  6. How do I work out the date of completion of my training if I have been on sick or maternity leave?
    If you have been on sick leave for more than 2 weeks per 12 months, then your training will need to be extended.  This gets particularly complicated if you are LTFT.  Although the deanery can give some advice, the final decision rests with the RCGP certification unit (phone 020 7930 7228).  A final ARCP will then be arranged within 2 months of your final date of training.

  7. I only have a few days left of training after I return from maternity leave, when do I have my final ARCP and how many assessments do I need to do?
    Your final ARCP panel cannot be held more than 8 weeks before your last day of training, and an ESR needs to be done within 8 weeks of that panel date.  After maternity or extended sick leave, the panel will also need to assured that you have maintained your competencies and have up to date CPR and AED status.  We therefore recommend that you have an ESR shortly before you go on leave, and another one either as soon as you return from leave, or, if agreed with your supervisor, during the last few weeks of your leave during a Keeping in Touch (KiT) day.  If you have less than 8 weeks of training left, AND your ESR before going on leave is satisfactory, AND you have completed all the mandatory assessments for the full training period, AND your ES is satisfied that there is no evidence that your competence may have declined, then the final ESR can refer back to the one before the leave started and mark all the competency assessments as the same, referring back to the previous ESR. See RCGP prolonged absence policy for further information.

  8. Can short posts or LTFT posts of 4 months still count towards training?

          CCT guidance recommends that posts are a minimum of 3 months whole time equivalent (wte) in duration. However maternity leave etc is making shortened posts increasingly common amd LTFT trainees often have 4 month posts in their rotas which amount to less than 3 months wte. Posts of less than three month’s wte duration will be allowed if there is adequate evidence of learning, which should include a mixture of:

    • Relevant Learning Log Entries,
    • PDP entries,
    • An appropriate number of Assessments to the length of post
    • a CSR at the end of the post