Sheet 14 Dec 2013

  1. When are extensions granted?
    Extensions to training are granted at the discretion of the Director of GP Education should a trainee either fail the CSA or AKT or, in the judgement of their final ARCP Panel, failed to have attained all the 12 required competencies as set out in the RCGP curriculum.

  2. Are trainees always offered an extension if they fail the final ARCP?
    The decision to grant an extension is influenced by the opinions of the supervisors involved, the GP Educator team and the ARCP panel, and is not an automatic right.

  3. How long are extensions?
    There will be a recommendation from the ARCP panel regarding the required length of extension. A single, borderline CSA or AKT failure is likely only to require a 3-month extension.  The National Committee of GP Directors (COGPED) has recommended that the maximum length for extension of training should be 6 months. Note that the start date of an extension may be delayed if a suitable practice cannot be found immediately.

  4. Can I stay in the same practice during the extension?
    From experience, trainees usually benefit from a change of trainer and practice environment during an extension.  Only in exceptional circumstances will it be permitted for a trainee to remain in the same practice during their extension.  For an isolated AKT failure, it may be considered that an extension within a secondary care setting may be appropriate.

  5. What extra support will I be offered?
    Trainees who fail their final ARCP will be contacted by their local Associate Postgraduate Dean to discuss further support.  They will also ask you to sign a new learning agreement, which outlines the obligations of the trainee, supervisor, educator team and deanery.  Trainee support may take the form of focussed support groups, sessions with a specialist trainer, occupational health assessment or other specific interventions - Trainee Support pages

  6. Which WPBA need to be done during an extension?
    If granted an extension, the trainee will be expected to fulfil the requirements stipulated by the ARCP panel.  In some cases this may involve an additional PSQ of MSF if thought to be relevant.  This requirement will be stated on the ARCP form and at a subsequent minuted face-to-face meeting.  In all cases, trainees will usually be expected to continue with COT and CBD assessments at a rate of at least 1 of each per month (whether full or less than full time), and to continue with regular, reflections within their learning log as per the deanery guidance .  The Educational Supervisor will use this evidence to inform their report towards the end of the extension when supervisor and self-rating of competencies also need to be done.

  7. How many CSA/AKT attempts can a trainee make?
    Examinations and ARCP assessments must take place during the period of training. Although an exam may be required to be sat during the training extension, a trainee might be placed “Out of Programme” while waiting for the results and ARCP panel.  Note that trainees commencing training on or after 2nd August 2009 may only have a maximum of 4 attempts at either CSA or AKT.  A trainee may sit the CSA or AKT once in the 6 months after finishing (RCGP) and then would have to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility for GP Registration

  8. Are their any OOH requirements during extensions?
    Trainees still have a contractual obligation to work Out of Hours during extensions (a rate of 6 hours per month). Evidence of this should be provided within the learning log of the e portfolio.