Sheet 11 Dec 2013

  1. Where do I get further information about the different assessments?
    Detailed information about the various assessment tools is available on the RCGP website

  2. How do I know which and how many assessments need to be done at each stage of training?
    Details of what needs to done and when can be found on the RCGP website. Assessments should be undertaken regularly and spread evenly throughout the training period. The deanery has also issued guidance about the expected normal rate of entries in the learning log.

  3. What about if I am part time?
    Less than full time (LTFT) trainees still need to have an ES review every 6 months, however, the minimum number of required mandatory assessments (eg. COTs and CBDs) is pro-rata to a full time trainee. Note, that LTFT trainees are expected to complete the same number of MSFs and PSQs over their training programme as full time trainees.  There is deanery guidance about learning log entries which may also be completed pro-rata. The ES will check at the 6 monthly reviews that WPBA collection is on track.

  4. What happens if I have not completed the minimum number of assessments?
    An educational supervisor can legitimately postpone an ESR if the required assessments have not been completed, and, in certain circumstances, this may trigger performance concerns.  If an ARCP panel finds that a trainee has not completed the minimum number of assessments over the previous 12 months, then a deadline will probably be issued for their completion, and, in certain circumstances, an extension of training may be required. It is important to note that assessments cannot be carried over from one 6-month period to another to “make up the numbers”.

  5. What happens if I cannot find enough people to complete my MSF?
    In order to ensure reliability of the results, the RCGP has stated that the MSF needs to be completed twice as an ST1 (in months 4 and 6) and twice in ST3, between months 4-6 of ST3 and then 2-4 months after that.  In ST1 in hospital posts, it is expected to use 5 clinical raters, and in general practice to use 5 clinical (doctors/nurses/midwives/Health visitors) and 5 non-clinical raters.  Hopefully, most practices will be large enough so that enough people will know your work to be able to comment.  If you are unable to get enough responses despite best efforts, then this should be discussed with your educational supervisor at your review, and he/she may wish to comment on your particular situation in the report.

  6. I have completed a MSF and PSQ but do not seem to have the results.
    To be able to view your results, it is necessary for your ES to “release” the results of your MSF and PSQ to you.  To do this he/she needs to have already created a blank ES report form for the relevant training review period, and clicked the Release to trainee button at the bottom of the report.  If you have not entered a minimum of 40 PSQ responses, each of them with all of the questions answered, then a PSQ report will not be generated.  It is therefore recommended to normally try and get about 45 PSQs filled out to allow for incompletely completed ones.