There is no requirement in legislation for a GP to undergo a period of induction or refresher / returner training. A doctor wishing to work as a GP in the UK only requires to be on the GMC’s GP register and the Medical Performers List of the Primary Care Organisation (PCO) in the area that they wish to work.

The NHS Performers List regulations of 2004 give local responsibility to PCOs to ensure the competence of GPs on their list. Section 6.1 (e) of those regulations state that PCOs can refuse admission if “there are any grounds for considering that admitting a practitioner to its performers list would be prejudicial to the efficiency of the services…….”

Retention of knowledge and skills used in UK General Practice wanes with time away. A COGPED working group advises that if a doctor has not worked in UK General Practice for at least the past 2 years, they should be eligible for an I&R programme.

The Department of Health, COGPED and RCGP all recommend a period of induction and adaptation for all European Union and International Medical Graduate doctors new to the NHS.

Doctors who have worked in UK General Practice within the past 2 years are not normally eligible for the I&R scheme unless the scheme is being used for remedial training.

A review of the Performers List Regulations undertaken during 2008 by the Department of Health (England) recommends that

‘There should be a formal NHS induction process to help new performers settle into local health economies. This would be tailored to the needs of the individual but would typically cover both local and (for those who had not previously worked in primary care in the UK) national elements. There should be an emphasis, in appropriate cases, on developing English language and communication skills.’

Within this background the Severn Deanery School of Primary Care I&R Scheme is designed to retain flexibility while ensuring patient safety and a high quality of care from all doctors working in General Practice within the Severn area, while simultaneously allowing GPs who have completed training to contribute to the GP workforce as quickly and as fully as possible.

The Scheme is designed to be used for doctors wanting to return to General Practice after lengthy career breaks, doctors who have spent more than 2 years working abroad (whether within high, middle or low income economies) or doctors who have never worked in UK General Practice (i.e. those who gained their Primary Care qualification in a non-UK country)

Additionally, the scheme is used for remediation training when appropriate.

Details of the Scheme

Funding arrangements for Returner doctors

Application Process

Initial applications are managed by the National Recruitment Office

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Training Practices

  • Attachments will be to GMC approved training practices
  • Educational Supervisors will have access to the Needs Assessment interview
  • Educational Supervisors will be responsible for completing a Structured Educational Supervisor's Report

Strategy on Completion of Programme

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