Job Description


The aim of the GP Induction & Refresher Programme is to attract qualified GPs back into General Practice once they have been out of the specialty for a significant period of time (usually in excess of 2 years.) The backgrounds of such doctors can vary considerably; therefore the GP Induction & Refresher Programme is tailored to the needs of the individual.  Returning GPs are placed by the relevant Patch Associate Postgraduate Dean in GMC approved training practices with a GP Educational Supervisor (Trainer) as the mentor.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and the objectives for the GP Induction & Refresher programme must be set up in an educational agreement between the Returning GP and the GP Educational Supervisor (Trainer) in the training practice. This sets out the broad educational aims and objectives and specifies the commitment between the Returning GP and GP Trainer that these are met.  The aim of the GP Induction & Refresher programme is to ensure that the Returning GP is confident and safe to return to working in General Practice unsupervised. The Returning GP will have a learning needs assessment at the start of the programme.  Successful completion of the programme will result in a ”Statement of Competence” to return to General Practice.

Length of the Scheme

The GP Induction & Refresher Programme will vary according to the needs of the individual. A full programme may last 6 months (or full-time equivalent) and must be completed within 12 calendar months of commencement. The exact length of time will depend on the entry assessment.

End Point Assessment

Returning GPs will be required to complete a modified Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA), a Multi-Sourced Feedback (MSF) and Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ). Those undertaking the full scheme will be required to take the RCGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT).  Depending on performance in the simulated surgery, the returning GP may be asked to retake the simulated surgery (at Deanery cost). The Educational supervisor will use the workplace based assessment as the evidence for the Structured Trainers Report.


The Returning GP will be placed in a training practice with a GP Educational Supervisor (Trainer) that is approved by the Severn Deanery GP School. The educational supervisor is an experienced and competent GP who has practical skills in curriculum formation, teaching, learning and Summative Assessment. The GP Trainer will be required to sign the educational agreement between themselves and the Returning GP, that outlines the educational principles of the Induction & Refresher programme.  The Deanery will fund the GP Trainer.


An Induction & Refresher programme may be completed on a part or full time (37.5 hour week) basis, but less than full time commitment must be completed within 12 months of joining the scheme and approved in advance by the Deanery.

Employment and Memorandum of Understanding

There is no funding for any salary with the GP Induction & Refresher programme at this time. The Returning GP will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the practice that outlines the responsibilities of both parties in the GP Induction & Refresher Programme on offer.

Primary Medical Performers List

The doctors starting on a GP Induction & Refresher programme must have been accepted in principle onto the Performer’s List of the PCO where the practice is situated. The PCO must have agreed Conditional acceptance on to their Performers list. This also requires an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check which can take up to 10 – 12 weeks. At the completion of the programme a Statement of Competence will be issued by the Head of the GP School, subject to satisfactory completion of the end-point assessment information.

CPD and Appraisal

Responsibility for annual appraisal of returning GPs rests with the PCO on whose Performer’s List the doctor is unconditionally registered. For those on the scheme, appraisal will be carried out by the Trainer, with the expectation that the PCT will become responsible for appraisal once the Performers List Conditions have been removed.  The Returning GP should have a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to keep up to date for the appraisal and revalidation process. This may include an assessment of learning needs, aim, objectives and evidence of your learning and reflection with your GP Trainer.

Person Specification






  • Medical degree recognised by the GMC.
  • JCPTGP certificate in General Practice or equivalent


Original Certificate


  • Worked in General Practice in the UK.
  • Must have been out of General Practice in the UK for 2 years or more.

Less than 10 years since last practiced

  • CV
  • Application


Retention of sufficient medical knowledge to succeed in a 6-12 training programme

A current Personal Learning Plan

Achievement in the MCQ administered as part of the Application Process


Retention of sufficient medical skills to succeed in a 6-12 training programme

Recent Multi-Sourced Feedback

Interview and End-Point assessment


  • Keenness to return and desire to work in General Practice
  • Desire to continue to work in the Severn area
  • A PLP demonstrating recent ongoing learning.
  • Informal contact with Primary Care



Ability to communicate fluently in English


English as first language or evidence of competence such as International English Language Test System (IELTS) ( or above. 


  • Ability to self fund training Programme 
  • Satisfactory Occupational Health clearance
  • Acceptance onto a Performer’s List 

A request from a PCT for a Statement of Competence (or equivalent)

  • Interview
  • OH report
  • Letter from PCT