Postgraduate Education Trusts and other Educational delivery Organisations Quality Management process

Version 2 (MH, amended following Core leads) 27 November 2010f


  • The Education Trusts within the Severn Deanery footprint have no formal Quality Management (QM) or peer review processes.
  • The Severn Deanery QM report and visiting cycle has resulted in a demonstrable improvement in the quality of training practices, hospital posts and education "patches".
  • The setting up of a Quality Management Model was accepted with enthusiasm by the Core Trust Leads at a previous meeting.
  • While the School of Primary Care (SoPC) has an interest in the quality of the postgraduate training systems (as it buys Trusts' services for its GP STs ), it has no wish to be prescriptive on the implementation of a QM process. The SoPC would prefer to facilitate a self-led approach to standard-setting.
  • The QM process needs to be in a form that is useful to both visited and visiting teams. Being open to constructive external and peer scrutiny is likely to aid continued progress to excellence.

Suggested QM process

  • Yearly pre-visit data pro-forma to be completed by Education Organisation
    • this helps set the agenda for the visit and means that visitors can concentrate on discussion rather than collecting data
    • Experience from other areas is that, organisations get benefit from that completion process
    • it prompts the organisation to reflect on how it works, its successes, problems and how they have been handled, and to make plans for the next year
  • QM visit
    • visiting team: Led by Deanery QA, Post-CCT Lead. Invitation to another Trust Lead and ST representative
  • After QM visit
    • Chair collates findings, report and recommendations
    • report presented Deanery. Education Organisation to publish

Appendix - Education Organisations: Quality Review Pro-forma

  • This form can be used as the basis of an annual review meeting
  • Trusts are invited to comment on each of the quality criteria and present supporting evidence at review.

Name of Organisation:


Date of planned visit:


Background information



Key Constitution Features


Support for Steering Committee


Administration Support





Evidence to be presented

1. How a programme is devised  

Assessment of Trust members' learning needs

  • via Appraisal Form 4?
  • via surveys/questionnaires?
  • meetings with interested groups (eg Appraisal Leads GPE Teams)?

We have a yearly meeting to discuss…

Minutes of yearly planning meeting attached…

2. Organisation  

Executive Committee meetings and AGM

  • how often?
  • published minutes?



3. Programmes  

  • Number of sessions
  • Categorisation (Lecture, Workshop, Small Group)
  • Topics (Clinical, Managerial,)



Capacity and number attending



4. Evaluation  

Method of evaluation



Use made of evaluation



5. Liaison with stakeholders  

Deanery/GP Educators






6. Provision for GP ST trainees  







ST-specific feedback



7.Finances and governance  




8. Any other information  

Have you attended a QA visit to another Education Team within Severn?



Development and Excellence  

How has your educational provision for established GPs and GP STs developed the past year?



What have been your biggest problems in relation to educational provision over the past year, and how have you addressed them?



What are you particularly proud of in your Educational Trust?



What are your plans for development over the next year for established GPs and GP STs?



How would you like the Deanery and other stakeholders to help you in providing education for established GPs and GP STs over the next year?



Pre-visit report from local ST Representative(s).  To be completed independently by one or more of the GP Speciality Training Programme (patch) ST reps before the QM visit (for organisation who have ST membership)  

Please give your views on the quality and quantity of the Education Trust's educational provision, its highlights, and areas that need to be developed or addressed. You may wish to use the same headings that we have used above.



Pre-visit report[s] from GPE team.  To be completed independently by xxx before the QM visit  

Please give your views on the quality and quantity of the Education Trust's educational provision, its highlights, and areas that need to be developed or addressed. You may wish to use the same headings that we have used above.



Lead Visitor’s Summary and Recommendations  

Date of visit:


Lead visitor:


Other visitors and status:


Trust members seen:




Items that should be addressed before next visit:


Other development recommendations:


Date submitted to Deanery