How do I prepare for the ARCP?

The requirements for an ARCP Panel have been changed to reflect the new WPBA schedule bought in since August 2020. Updated guidance, including WPBA requirements, can be found on the RCGP website:

You can also find further information about the arrangements for the transition to the new WPBA programme here:

Please note the following:

We have now also all moved onto the new FourteenFish e-portfolio platform. FAQs for FourteenFish can be found here:


Further ARCP Guidance

Please note that ST1/2s are still required to provide a CSR for each post/attachment. We do however appreciate that during the Covid-19 situation it may have proved not possible to obtain one for some part of your training. If this is the case, then this must be discussed with your ES and reference to the reason documented in the ESR or Educator notes. The Panel will accept a Covid redeployment as relevant and valid explanation as long as it is clearly referenced in the Educator notes/ESR. In addition, the ARCP panel will expect to see that you have added reflections (such as clinical encounters/professional conversations) to your learning log regarding your redeployment to demonstrate reflection and learning during your placement.

ST3s do not need to have a CSR, although in some cases your ES might provide one in order to provide more information to inform the ESR.

Please note that the requirement for urgent and unscheduled care competency evidence has been re-started following the pause in requirements during the initial pandemic response. There are two documents that need to be completed by the trainee and uploaded to the learning log:

  • An UUSC session log sheet to be completed jointly by the GPST and the UUSC Clinical Supervisor and uploaded to the GPST’s e-portfolio
  • An UUSC Passport. This is owned and completed by the GPST. It allows a trainee to record their progress in training (to aid communication with their UUSC Clinical Supervisor), and to record their progress towards achieving their UUSC competencies. The latest version of this document should be uploaded to the GSPT e-portfolio prior to an ES review/ARCP.

The UUSC passport is not just a requirement for the final ARCP panel. A copy should be uploaded if you have completed a GP placement within the review period for this ARCP. The panel would not expect the passport to show evidence across all competency areas if it is not your final ARCP but there should be sufficient evidence for the panel to assess progress to date.