For Foundation Year 2 doctor

How confident would you be in dealing with the following problems? 


1=no confidence

2=some confidence


4=very confident 




Sore throat 20y


Ear ache 5y


Pain passing urine 20y female


Stress at work 25y


Needs more contraceptive pill 21y


Pregnant low abdo pain 30w, 30y


Pain calf 50y


Chest pain 60y


Breast lump 58y female


Knee pain 55y


Pain passing urine 20y male


Hand warts 10y


Feeling low last 2 months 23y


Back pain 30y


Back pain 80y


Infected insect bite 50y


Headache 10y


Headache 50y


Cough, green phegm 40y


Palpitations 30y


Heavy periods 50y


Glands in neck 21y


Dry scaley rash on back 23y


Constipated 74y


Request for all medication 55y


Bleeding from back passage 60y


Diarrhoea 43y


Request for methadone 23y


Asthma worse 19y


Request for morning after pill 19y


Sticky eyes 2y


Needs 4 w certificate as just had hernia repair 46y