Remember your project doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to contain every ounce of QI science. Hopefully understanding QI methods will make your project more effective and efficient.

Below you will find a list of excellent resources all of which provide free and interactive learning to equip you in QI methodology. They are in different formats so choose one that will suit your style of learning. The aim of these packages is to get you started, not to make you QI experts. There are links within each package should you want to take your learning further.


  • Quality Improvement  (QI) at the RCGP
    • “Helping GPs to do the best possible job in an imperfect world through constantly improving professional practice”
    • As referenced above their QI Guide is clear, concise and contains more than enough information to see you through your project.


  • Education Pathway
    • Developed by the West of England Academic Health and Science Network.
    • Their aim: “…to provide staff with, confidence and support to undertake and lead on improvement projects that will deliver benefits to patient safety and patient care”
    • ‘Step One’ is a muti-media e-learning package covering the basics of QI science


  • Improvement FUNdamentals
    • Developed by NHS Improving Quality in conjunction with The Jönköping Academy.
    • Their aim is to develop understanding in fundamentals of QI, using model for improvement,, measuring for improvement and sustaining and spreading improvements.
    • This course is free to enroll in and contains a mixture of online videos, articles and exercises.


  • NHS Scotland Improvement Hub
    • Their ‘improvement journey’ is a ‘structured approach that supports individuals and teams to test, implement and spread sustainable improvement across a system’.
    • This is a seven-stage process designed to get you thinking about your change project.