HEE SW- Health Equity Focussed Training (HEFT)

The Severn and Peninsula Schools of Primary Care are excited to be offering HEFT placements for the 2023/24 intake. These innovative posts have proved popular in other regions of the country and will provide trainees/DiTs with the opportunity to train with inspirational GPs serving our region's most socioeconomically deprived communities. By undertaking one of these posts you will gain the knowledge & skills to offer great primary care to struggling communities and vulnerable groups, and develop your own areas of interest.

You will learn how to help people from key inclusion groups including homeless, refugees/asylum seekers, traveller communities, people experiencing poverty and many others that mean they experience worse health outcomes. You will leave the programme as a caring & compassionate GP with a deep understanding of health inequity and the needs of communities.

Over the three-year training program, you will:

  • Participate in an innovative 6-month post working in areas such as mental health, homeless health, substance misuse, public health and other key specialties (see full list of examples below)
  •  Undertake GP placements that serve communities in areas of high deprivation
  •  Attend a national teaching program that covers key topics in health inequalities, led by eminent experts in the field
  •  Participate in regional peer-learning groups, meeting trainees from across the region to share in your learning and development
  •  Explore post-CCT opportunities available and how to develop your future career in health inequalities


You will be innovators, shaping both the future of the program and the healthcare of some of our most vulnerable populations. Becoming a HEFT trainee/DiT will support your own journey in the field of health inequalities, and mean you will join a vibrant national and international community of primary care professionals committed to tackling health inequalities.

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  • Availability of the HEFT program may vary between our respective training schemes
  • Where available, HEFT rotations will be highlighted under each respective training scheme, once allocated to a training scheme you will then have the opportunity to rank HEFT rotations amongst your preferences
  • We cannot guarantee the specific HEFT rotations you may get (MH, PH, substance misuse etc), or the GP placement, these will vary between patches, and may be subject to change pending availability
  • If you undertake the program and subsequently interrupt your training for any reason, we cannot guarantee the availability of HEFT-specific rotations or GP placements when you return.

Examples of possible six-month innovative posts:

  • Mental Health
  • Public Health
  • Substance misuse
  • Psychiatry
  • Prisons
  • Inclusion health (homelessness, migrant, sex workers, Refugee/Asylum seekers, Gypsies and Travellers)
  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Academic
  • Emergency Medicine