On behalf of HEE in the South West, we would like to welcome you to our resource centre, designed to support you as you consider returning to help NHS Primary Care for the Covid emergency period. Many of you may have been contacted by the GMC to let you know that they have reinstated you onto the register with a Licence to Practise, and you are wondering how to take this forward. The purpose of this page is to help you to think about the best way of preparing yourself for clinical work in primary care over the next few weeks, and to link you to sources of support and education. This is about the importance of patients receiving the best care, which is probably the main motivation for your wanting to re-join and support the primary care workforce at this time – and about you staying safe and well as you do this.


Information about the need for GPs and different roles.


We have developed an Education Guide to help you as you prepare for a return to General Practice.


Martyn Hughes (Somerset Training Hub) has collated a Guide to Online resources.


The Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire Training Hub has links to a range of online learning resources here


Re-joining General Practice for the longer term

We hope that the experience of all doctors who return to work in primary care during the Covid-19 emergency period will be a positive one, and that they enjoy the challenge, the complexity and the team-working. We very much hope that this experience will encourage many of you to want to stay for the longer term, and we would be keen to discuss with you how you can use your Covid emergency work as a stepping stone to returning.

A new process has been devised for doctors who have been working as Emergency Registered Practitioners (ERPs) and who want to make a full return to GP work – the ERP Returner Programme. Details are on the NRO website, but if you would like to discuss this option with us please get in touch via: