• Are the Membership services provided by the MDU to the Severn Deanery GP Trainees through the new arrangements different from those available to other GP Trainees?

    No – the services are identical. Details of the benefits available to you through membership of the MDU under this arrangement are shown in the MDU member guide

  • Am I covered for hospital as well as general practice?

    Yes – the medical indemnity solution negotiated by the Deanery includes access to medico-legal advisory services for both hospital and general practice work. Although you are indemnified by the NHS while in hospital placements it is important that you have access to medico-legal advisory for these activities as you may need support relating to your professional registration and personal reputation. You would normally have to pay extra for this service

  • Can I opt out of the Severn-MDU Scheme?

    Yes, however please note you will need to make and pay for your own indemnity during your primary care placement – typically about £1500 - £1,800 per annum. We will reimburse on receipt of a receipt from the MPS or MDDUS, less the cost of medico-legal advisory services for your hospital placements – up to £100 pa. We aim to make payments within about 6 weeks. You will need to provide proof of your indemnity arrangements to the deanery, your host general practice and any employing organisation.

  • Will the Deanery have access to information about confidential medico-legal advice I have received?

    No. The Deanery will only be informed of administrative details to ensure that you have the correct indemnity cover.

  • Will I continue to be covered for medico-legal issues that arise some time after I gain my CCT even if I make alternative indemnity arrangements with a different organisation in the future?

    Yes. The MDU offers individual members access to ‘occurrence based indemnity’. This means the MDU will consider requests for assistance (whether these be for claims of clinical negligence, or for medico-legal support) relating to incidents occurring while the GP trainee is part of the Severn Deanery arrangement, at any time in the future, even if the request is not made until after the individual has left the arrangement

  • When will I receive my welcome pack from the MDU?

    A membership welcome pack will be emailed to you once you have completed the necessary documentation emailed to you by the Severn Deanery to confirm you have opted in.   You should ensure you complete and return the document as soon as possible so that you can be sure you will be covered by the time you rotate.

    If you have indemnity in place for your Severn Deanery GP training activities with another provider, you should terminate that arrangement with effect from midnight on the day before your MDU cover is due to commence. You should not hold indemnity for these activities with another organisation while you are a member of the MDU.

  • I have opted out of the Medical Indemnity Scheme. How do I get reimbursed?

    If you have opted out of the medical indemnity scheme you will need to continue to purchase your own indemnity cover.  You will be reimbursed for the GP practice part of your cover. This will be completed by your primary care support agency (Somerset, Avon, or SBS) if you are employed by the practice, or by the School of Primary Care directly if you are employed by the host employer.