The Foundation Years

The Foundation years, F1 and F2, are the first two years of medical postgraduate education and training.

The Foundation programme is designed to provide rotations of posts in different specialities, through which the newly qualified doctor can develop the clinical and professional skills needed to be a doctor, and start the process of continuing professional development and life-long learning.

GP components in the Foundation Years

General Practice attachments in the Foundation Years have been a hugely successful and popular development in medical training.

The key documents that will help you are

Dr Anna Graham is an excellent Trainer and GP F2 Supervisor in Bristol. She has kindly agreed to let this documentation be made available. You may find it a useful model:

How is it organised in Severn?

In most parts of Severn Deanery, the GP experience is in the F2 year and lasts for four months.

Each GP F2 post has been carefully selected by the GP team. The post will usually be in an accredited teaching practice, and will be supervised by an experienced GP.

Dr Clare van Hamel is the Foundation School Director

Maisie Shrubsall is the Foundation School Manager

Dr Tom Pelly is the Associate Postgraduate Dean responsible for liaison with the Foundation School.

GP F2 Clinical Supervisors

The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for teaching and supervising the foundation doctor:

  • supervising the trainee's day-to-day clinical and professional practice;
  • supporting the assessment process;
  • ensuring that foundation doctors have the appropriate range and mix of clinical exposures;
  • arranging time-tabled access to formal educational activities.

Each GP training placement will have at least one GP Clinical Supervisor.

If you are due to have an F2 doctor in your practice for the first time, do have a look at the Severn Handbook for Foundation Doctors in General Practice.

GP F2 Educational Supervisors

The Educational Supervisor is responsible for making sure a foundation doctor receives appropriate training and experience throughout the F2 year, and for deciding whether placements have been completed.

The Educational Supervisor should help the foundation doctor's professional and personal development. Many Trusts have found it simpler to assign this task to our consultant colleagues, but some ask GP Supervisors to take the role on.

If you do accept the invitation to be a F2 Educational Supervisor, see the GP F2 Educational Supervisor page.

How do I qualify to become a Clinical Supervisor for GP F2s?

If you are already accredited as a GP Educational Supervisor/Trainer or GP Clinical Supervisor, you are already eligible to become a Clinical Supervisor for F2s.

If not, your see the

These have links to the criteria and application forms.

Then contact your local Associate Postgraduate Dean.

Important links

The Severn Deanery Foundation School website

The National Foundation Programme website for information on the Foundation year curriculum, competences and assessment, and the Foundation Learning Portfolio