Personalised Learning and Development Plan (PLDP) 

We are delighted to share with you the Southwest wide Personalised Learning and Development Plan. The Personalised Learning and Development plan is a tool for doctors in training to complete in advance of a meeting with supervisors to open a conversation to facilitate and support supervisors to get to know doctors in training in a comprehensive way.

We hope this will enable your supervisors to be aware of your individual circumstances and learning and/or support needs. The expectation is that you complete this and bring to your supervisor for discussion. For more information, please see our PLDP FAQs.

This was a combined effort by ED+I fellows Lucy Loveday, Pamela Curtis, Tom Morgan (primary care) and Bijal O'Gara (secondary care). Secondary care Doctors in Training and hospital consultants are also being encouraged to use the form in the same way.