Important Information to Note

For direct payments, remittance advice will be sent to identify who the payment is for and the initials (at least and where applicable) of the trainee that the payment relates to. Please refer to the remittance advice guide below for more information. Most payments are made by BACS, however some Practices are paid by cheque depending on the details held by our Shared Business Service. Please refer to the payments calendar below for dates and types of payments that are made directly.  In the event you are required to send an invoice, please follow the Good Invoicing Guide.

GP Trainee Clinical Supervision

From the 1st of April 2017 the GP Clinical Supervision (Trainer's) Grant for supervising ST1, 2 and ST3 - has risen from £645.90 to £659 per month. Trainers' grants are paid to all Clinical Supervisors for the period they supervise an ST1, 2 or ST3 GP trainee at their Practice. A GP Clinical Supervisor must be currently approved by the School to undertake this work. The grant is paid automatically via the Primary Care Support Agency (APCSA, SBS, or Somerset).  Payments are not made when a trainee is on maternity leave.

GP Trainee Educational Supervision

Educational Supervision grant for supervising ST1 and 2 - £500 annually or pro rata. Educational Supervision grants are directly paid to the Practice for each ST1 or ST2 supervised by an Educational Supervisor who is currently approved by the School. This includes meeting with their trainee at regular intervals such as a 6 month or 12 month review. The School will ask the Practice to submit an invoice automatically in September for the year ahead. The Practice is responsible for making financial adjustments should the trainee take extended leave for maternity, illness, or to take time out of programme, or where additional payments are required for supervision commencing after the training year start.  To make such adjustments, please contact Severn School.

Foundation Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision Grant for supervising F2 trainees - £2583.66 per 4 month placement, or pro rata. Foundation Clinical Supervision grants are paid directly by the School for Supervisors who are currently approved and are supervising F2 trainees in their Practice. The School asks the Practices to submit invoices at the beginning of the 4 month attachment.

GP Educational Supervisor Annual CPD Allowance

Approved Educational Supervisors (Trainers) are paid an allowance via their Practice to support educational Continuing Professional Development. This is provided that they agree to, and comply with the following: "I confirm that: (1) my role as a GP Educational Supervisor was discussed at my last NHS appraisal, along with the steps I have taken to develop myself as an educator over the last year, and my current development needs, and (2) I have attended the required number of GP Educational Supervisor group meetings in the last year and Educational Supervisor courses within the last 3 years." The School will contact the Practice and ask for an invoice to be submitted in September for the year ahead. The amount paid is £720.  This allows £30 per year to be paid towards attendance fees at Experienced Educational Supervisor Courses.  New Supervisors approved before each training year can apply for a pro rata sum to cover the period from the date of their approval to the following August by contacting Severn School. From September 2017 the £30 top slice will cease and the amount paid will return to £750. 

Faculty Conference, Meeting, and Facilitation Payments

Faculty development facilitators, and GP Tutor meeting and Advanced Trainer meeting attendees are eligible to claim for their time. Those who are employed by Health Education England can only claim for this time if it is outside of their contractual arrangements. The payment structure is nationally aligned to the 2014 GP0 rates. For a copy of the policy and relevant templates please contact Severn School.

Trainee Study Leave Allowance 

Most of the study leave budget is used for providing induction sessions, regional teaching, free access to MRCGP preparation courses and free access to all Severn EPO courses. Trainees can apply to access any residual funds to cover specific course attendance as informed by their individual CPD needs agreed after discussion with their educational

Trainee Travel Expense Claims for GP Work Activity

Please note, claims for travel expenses must be submitted for payment within 3 months of the travel date. Claims submitted more than 3 months after the date of the activity will not be approved unless under very exceptional circumstances. Under no circumstances can claims made more than 6 months after the incurred expenditure be paid.

Direct Payments Calendar 

Spend Type


Frequency of Payments


Payment to be made on or following:


Foundation Clinical Supervision

Payment to be made at the beginning of each placement


1st February & 1st June


Educational Supervision

Annually at the start of each training year to fund GP ES for the year ahead.


1st September


Continuing Professional Development

Annually at the start of each training year to all current ES for the year ahead


1st September


Foundation Clinical Supervision

Payment to be made midpoint of each placement


1st October

Note: dates that fall on non-working days shall move to the next working day.