The GP International Induction and Return to Practice Programmes (2021)

Would you like to return to general practice or have your overseas GP qualification recognised to allow you to join the NHS’ GP workforce? There are now even more reasons to apply.

If you have previously worked as a GP in the UK, or if you are seeking to have your overseas GP training experience recognised to allow you to apply to join the NHS GP workforce, the GP International induction and Return to Practice Programmes provide straightforward routes to safely induct you back into practice.

Any doctor wishing to work as an independent and unsupervised GP in the UK is required to:

  • be on the GMC’s GP Register
  • hold a GMC license to practise
  • be on the National Performers List (NPL).

This scheme is now funded, and subject to satisfactory performance in entry assessments, applicants are provided with a placement bursary for financial support whilst on the scheme. Candidates will be able to claim a monthly bursary (pro-rata for part time placements) through the General Practice National Recruitment Office (GPNRO).

There is now a single entry point to the programme operating in England and Wales through the GPNRO. This provides candidates with a clear guidance about the programme, providing a constant point of contact and reducing the length of time it will take to progress through the scheme in contrast to previous years. The GPNRO website has full details of the International Induction and Return to Practice Schemes, who can apply, how to apply and what you can expect in the assessments. 

The GP International Induction and Return to Practice schemes are led by Dr Nicola Swanborough and Dr John Edwards who form the Post-CCT Team Panel in Severn. And by Dr Sarah Robbins and Dr Ben Tutty in Peninsula.

Should you have any questions or queries please contact the scheme at