ATCF - Frequently Asked Questions


These guidelines are based on the premise that all ST1 and ST2 posts are 6 months duration. 


Q.1  When will my ATCF application be approved?

A. After 6 months of training your ATCF application will be considered by an ARCP panel. If they consider that all requirements have been met, then your ATCF application will be approved by the GP School.

Q.2 Can I defer my start date and still apply for ATCF?

A. Yes.  ATCF is still applicable to those deferring entry to GP training.

Q.3 Do I need to undertake more WPBAs in my 6 months of training if I am applying for ATCF?

A. No. The same number of assessments and ePortfolio entries is expected, whether you are applying for ATCF or not.

Q.4 Will I have any guidance or help with my first ARCP?

A. You would usually be offered a meeting with a local TPD or APD at approx. 6 weeks after the start of your training and a review of progress just before ARCP in Jan of ST1. If you have not been contacted, then you should get in touch with your patch admin manager as soon as possible.

Q.5 When do I change from ST1 to ST2?

A. Once you have passed your first ARCP and your ATCF has been approved, you become an ST2, thus decreasing your training by 6 months.

Q.6 Which post will I drop if my ATCF is approved?

A. You will drop the ST2 hospital post from your original rotation (regardless of whether that was the first or second post within that year).

Q.7 What happens if I have a GP post in my first year and two hospital posts in my second year?  Which of the ST2 posts will I drop and do I have a choice?

A. You will drop the second ST2 hospital post from your original rotation. Unfortunately, there isn’t a choice.

Q.8 Can I still apply for ATCF if I am training LTFT?

A. Yes. If you are completing your training at 60% LTFT and are successful in your application for ATCF, you will complete 10 months of ST1 (6 months WTE), 20 months of ST2 (12 months WTE) and then move into ST3 to complete a further 20 months (12 months WTE). This means that you will complete 30 months of ST1 and ST2 (18 months WTE) ie. the whole of your original rotation (24 months), plus an additional 6 month post before moving into ST3.

Q.9 What happens if I go on maternity leave before the first ARCP? Can I still apply for ATCF?

A. Yes. Your ARCP will take place once you have completed 6 months WTE and if your ATCF is approved you will transition from ST1 to ST2 at that point.

Q.10 What happens if I don’t pass my first ARCP?

A. Your application for ATCF will be rejected and your training returns to the full 36 months.


With thanks to Tom Agombar TPD Gloucestershire, Hilary Carter Gloucestershire patch manager & Lizzie Eley APD