A very warm welcome to Severn Postgraduate Medical Education and congratulations on becoming part of (undoubtedly) the best GP VTS in the country!

If you’ve not been or trained in this part of the country before, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. Whether it’s the big-city buzz you’re looking for, or the peace and tranquillity of country life, we’ve got it all. And for those of you familiar with the region, there’s not much more to be said - you’ve definitely made the right decision to stay!

In terms of training, Severn has consistently performed well-above average and is always amongst the top deaneries for exam results and success. We’ve got excellent teaching and training facilities, with many brilliant and experienced educators – so the training you receive here will no doubt stand you in good stead for the future!

To make things easier however, we’ve created a simple Induction Handbook with lots of useful information, and a wealth of hints, tips and advice. In addition, don’t forget – there’s also the excellent School website, in particular the ‘Information for Trainees’ section, as well as our Facebook page (search ‘Severn GP VTS’) – so you’ll never be stuck for help!

If you do ever need any more help though – please don’t hesitate to ask. As well as fantastic teams in each patch, we also have one of the most active and well-organised GP ST Committees in the country, and are well represented locally amongst the Local Medical Committees (LMCs), and nationally, on the BMA GP Trainees Committee and the RCGP’s AiT Committees. The GP ST Committee meetings are open to all trainees, so feel free to come along, and if you have any queries or would like to get more involved in the future, email us.

And last, but by no means least, we would like to wish you all the very best for the forthcoming year, and indeed for the rest of your training, as no doubt, you will all be brilliant GPs very, very soon.

Best wishes, Arla Gamper | Chair of the Severn GP Trainees Committee 2017/18

ST Committee 2017-18

Chair - Arla Gamper

Vice Chairs - Ed Griffiths and Sarah Chitty

Secretary - Leka Satkunananthan

LTFT representatives - Hannah Vaughan-Williams, Jennifer Cox, Melinda Upton

LMC rep - Cat Roper

Social and welfare reps - Emma Rourke, Hannah Trewin

Central AiT Committee reps - Jason Sarfo-Annin, Arla Gamper

Patch Leads 2017-18

Bristol - Jemma Batte (ST1), Cat Roper (ST2), Charlie Andrews (ST3)

Bath - Vanessa Jessop (ST1), Abigail Teague (ST2), Natalie Freeman (ST3)

Swindon - Kathryn Ryland (ST1), Ruth Bowen (ST2)

Gloucestershire - Chris Brookes (ST1), Frances Fantom (ST2), Jack Collins (ST3)

Somerset - Harriet Dove (ST1), Obaid Sangani (ST1), Keith Gomes Pinto (ST2)

Contact the Committee by email 

BMA GP trainees subcommittee

The BMA GP trainees subcommittee is a subcommittee of the BMA's General Practitioners Committee (GPC) and provides national representation for all doctors on a GP training programme. This includes all doctors in hospital or GP practice placements, BMA members and non-members.  The GP trainees subcommittee looks after all matters affecting doctors engaged in GP training; particularly training and contractual issues. The subcommittee negotiates matters of pay and terms and conditions and responds to national and Government consultations that might affect GP trainees and their training.

What we do

  • Consider all matters of interest for doctors in training in General Practice.
  • Negotiate matters of pay and terms and conditions for GP trainees.
  • Respond to consultations that affect GP trainees and their training.

What we are working on

On your behalf we are focused on the following issues which are impacting on GP trainees careers:

  • Enhanced GP education and training.
  • NHS pension reforms and how it effects you as a future GP.
  • Health and Social Care Act and its impact on the NHS.