Indemnity cover

From recent discussions with trainees across Severn you may or may not be aware that locum
shifts are not covered by our MDDUS indemnity provider.

A further fee from a medical defence provider would be required to ensure you have cover for
these shifts (aside from NHS indemnity cover). currently cost is approximately £45-£50 and you do
not need to be with the same provider MDDUS if you wish.

Summary of NHS medical indemnity from the BMA: 

However, NHS indemnity will not provide :

  • support with GMC fitness to practice investigations
  • indemnity for work not covered by the NHS state-backed indemnity scheme
  • help preparing responses to patient complaints
  • assistance with criminal investigations arising from clinical practice, e.g. gross negligence manslaughter.
  • representation at the coroner’s court
  • 24-hour access to medico-legal advice
  • 24-hour access to press and media helpline


Choosing to have private indemnity cover is an individual decision but it is important we know the
level of cover we currently have and what it does and does not cover.

With thanks
Severn GPVTS Committee Welfare Team