Based on trainee responses from the GP welfare survey, the following areas of concern were raised by those on GP placements:

  1. How to check if their rota is compliant – and the steps which are required to do this
  2. How to exception report additional hours

Work Schedules

The following process should take place when agreeing to a work schedule.

rota image

The GP central admin team are always happy to check GP personalised rotas and advise. A useful resource which details the expectations of the GP working week is summarized below – this includes details on LTFT rotas:

Exception reporting in GP placements

First line: discuss internally with your clinical/educational supervisor to discuss ways to support and possible TOIL. This should resolve most issues relating to excess hours worked and/or lack of breaks.

Second line: If ongoing concerns, a GP Trainee Report Form can be sent to Repeated additional hours worked can lead to putting support in place for trainee and practice.

With thanks
Severn GPVTS Committee Welfare Team