LEET Mentors and Supervisors


LEET Education Supervisors


The host practice Educational Supervisor will receive a reduced (33%) trainer’s grant for hosting a LEET trainee.


Host practice responsibilities


From a clinical point of view, the ES will continue to support their trainee as they would an ST3 trainee, including on the eportfolio.

In conjunction with the LEET, the mentor needs to produce a timetable of project work and supervision, to be drawn up within the first month of starting the post and submitted to the LEET, TPD or APD for approval.

Host practices need to provide a proposed timetable for the trainee to show how their week would be structured. Clinical work should not be undertaken at less than 10-minute consultations.

Training practices should provide a 1-2 hour CPD session per week. This should include time for face-to-face tutorials and problem case analysis. This time should be aimed at developing the trainee’s PDP, including teaching them higher-level management; setting up a quality improvement project or running of a QoF area or practice team. The practice would also be expected to provide clinical support when required.

The ESRs should take place as normal every 6 months.


Completing the ESR:


The WPBA expectation is halved for the clinical components (50% of the time is in clinical practice), however overall engagement should be the same as that of an ST3 and will therefore include significant events etc.

When completing the ESR in regard to the LEET project work, the ES should:

  • Review the leadership component learning log entries (which should be a minimum of two per month)
  • Review the CSR from the Leadership Mentor
  • Review the trainees 3-paragraph reviews on the eportfolio

These are then taken in combination as evidence of them having engaged satisfactorily in the project component of their job plans, and can be used by the ARCP at each review.

Please see the LEET timeline for expectations.


LEET Leadership Mentors


(To act as Clinical Supervisors for ARCP purposes)

LEET Leadership Mentors should support the LEETs to seek out and achieve as many of the opportunities (as listed on the main page) as they can. They should support the LEET in the development of their major project.

External Leadership Mentors can claim backfill to allow support of the LEET (up to 33% of a trainer’s grant), subject to approval by the local APD.

The LEET leadership mentors will need to complete a modified Clinical Supervisor’s Report (CSR) prior to the 6-month and 10-month Educational Supervisors Review (ESR).

These ESRs are used by the ARCP panel (Annual Review of Competence to Progress) – the process that checks up on satisfactory training completion.

Asking the LEET leadership mentor to do a CSR is analogous to a hospital consultant completing a CSR for a trainee’s hospital post. The GP Educational Supervisor uses this paperwork as evidence that the trainee has made satisfactory progress for this element of training.

For the LEET programme, a modified CSR should be used. You can print this CSR template.