Thinking of your next steps as a Newly Qualified GP?

Why not consider whether applying for an ST4 LEET Year is for you?

“Being a LEET I have been able to experience working as a “portfolio GP” at the very beginning of my career whilst being supported by excellent training opportunities in higher-level management and leadership skills. It has allowed me to understand the wider workings of the NHS as well as build up varied networks within its different organisations and develop confidence in contributing to change and excellence in primary care. I would thoroughly recommend the position to anyone considering the post.” – Jenny Wormald, ST4 LEET 17-18

What is it?

- ST4 Year – Following on from ST3 an “Extension to Training” with half your working week dedicated to pursuing and developing “Leadership and Education” skills.

- 50% spent in clinical practice, 50% time on leadership & education work - (40 hours full time equivalent) + 72 hours OOH.

- Over the 12 months create, write up and present a major project related to leadership or change management in primary care, ideally on a regional or national level.

What do you get out of it?

- Networking opportunities and experience – beyond the realms of the GP practice - local & regional conferences, meeting other trainees & faculty across Severn/Peninsula, Deanery events, RCGP meetings, CCG work, Academic Health Science Network, locality meetings, local education, recruitment and interviewing skills & more...

- Leadership and management training – 6 weekly formal leadership training with other LEET trainees, time and funding for external courses e.g. HELM course (Health Economics & Leadership Management), NHS England GP Improvement Leadership Programme, small group teaching skills & more – as a LEET you learn things you often don't get taught as a trainee and many people say they only pick up through years on the job, putting you in really great stead for your future career.

- Clinical support – another year as a formerly supervised registrar with support from your trainer but working more independently as you might a First5 newly qualified GP.

- Mentorship – for your leadership related work with tutorials and a formal mentor with a leadership background to help you with your project and aims.

- Dedicated, funded time for LEET work – to have these opportunities at a later stage in your career will usually have to come out of your own spare time, motivation and pocket.

Want to know more?

Browse: The LEET Website Pages or contact your local TPDs who can put you in touch with previous LEETs if you want to chat informally about what they got out of the year.